Oct 18 2011
08:13 pm

What's with Bachmann's Navy uniform thing?

Guns unloading on Herman Cain already.

Hey Cain- it doesn't matter how many times you says "that's not true." It doesn't make it not true, when you are facing real critical analysis from people smarter than you.

reform4's picture

Now Rick is getting nasty with Romney

Rick talked over Romney during his response, and then complained Romney's time was up. The crowd booed him.

reform4's picture

Romney Lie

(Contrasting with Obama care): "We didn't have government run health care... we allowed people to buy from private insurance companies, it wasn't government."

Just like... wait for it... Obamacare!!

valdieric's picture

lol Romney wait wait wait....

lol Romney wait wait wait.... Legendary ;)

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