Nov 23 2018
08:10 am

It's a tradition for radio stations around the country to play this at noon on Thanksgiving Day. Don't know if it happened around here. Enjoy.

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The Alice's Restaurant anti-massacre movement

Since 1981, one Moon Thanksgiving Day tradition has been to tune to WIMZ at noon. I don't know when the station started its own tradition of playing Alice's Restaurant each Thanksgiving, but I know it has continued uninterrupted at least 37 years.

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Wonderf3, glad the tradition

Wonderful, glad the tradition continues locally.

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I may have heard the first

I may have heard the first public performance of this song, when Joan Baez introduced Arlo at the Newport Folk Festival, summer of 1967. He also performed this at the Bijou following George H. W. Bush's launch of the Gulf War (1990?). Arlo introduced the song saying, "S**t happens."

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