Mar 25 2013
07:13 am

Front page of today's NYTimes: Tennessee's health care lottery for the poor.

“At the end of the day, huge numbers of desperately ill people are being left out in the cold,” said Gordon Bonnyman, the executive director of the Tennessee Justice Center, an advocacy group for families in need that focuses on access to health care. “And that is a story in every state.”

2500 phone calls in the span of an hour or so, twice a year, for the medically desperate.

Kelly Gunderson, a TennCare spokeswoman, said that the spend-down program had enough money to cover 3,500 people, but that only about 1,000 were enrolled at any given time because the screening process was so complicated. The screeners, she said, must examine medical bills and records, among other duties.

Is it just me or does this article read like a really sick futuristic game-show like The Running Man, only it's real. We are living in a truly dystopian state.

R. Neal's picture

Also, more on the technical

Also, more on the technical "glitch" that kept people from getting through...

CE Petro's picture

I loved

...that second comment. (not sure how to link to their facebook comments)

And tie the article to the fact that our comfortable legislators don't want to extend medicaid for others who are less fortunate by embracing the Affordable Care Act?

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Crumbs from the table of the

Crumbs from the table of the self-proclaimed nobility...

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Sick and depraved AND step from begging

for a chance, like playing roulette, for decent and affordable health care. AND of course we make the NYT for most ignorant, uncaring. I trained one time, long ago to become an 'evaluator' to decide who qualified for DCS benefits. Outrageous and ridiculous process...not to help but to find one detail, one dollar too much to PREVENT a person or a family from receiving TANIF, Food Stamps, medical care. Why would any person want to relocate here when our 'government' cares so little about its citizens??

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