Jan 7 2013
01:23 pm

The 108th Tennessee General Assembly convenes at noon tomorrow, January 8, 2013. The turbo-charged GOP Supermajority is on the starting line, revving its engine and getting ready to burn rubber on all our asses. It's not clear if Harwell's restrictor plate will help contain the carnage or ensure that only the worst of the worst draft their way to winner's circle.

Anyway, here are some previews of the high-speed pileup we can expect, bad metaphors notwithstanding:

(*I swear I didn't see that last one until after I had already crafted that awesome lede. Great minds, etc., I guess, or something.)

gonzone's picture

The only way to remain sane

The only way to remain sane through all this madness may be to adopt the "Ralph Nader" approach and posit that things have to get really, really, really bad in order for them to get better.

We must destroy the state in order to save it!

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