Apr 8 2009
09:14 am

Tennessee has double-digit unemployment, some of the highest foreclosure rates and lowest graduation rates and worst air quality in the nation, nearly a quarter of our population doesn't have health insurance, and state government is practically bankrupt in the face of a $1 billion budget shortfall.

So what are our brilliant legislators legislating?

Guns in restaurants and bars
Guns in local parks
Banning abortion
Banning gay adoption
Enabling polluters
Protecting big coal
Protecting abusive nursing homes
Protecting telecom monopolies
Refusing federal unemployment aid
Voter suppression
Unverifiable voting

And so on. And in their spare time, they're filing lawsuits demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate. It's a tawdry late-night cable episode of Republicans Gone Wild. And even worse, some so-called Democrats are on board. No wonder they don't want people to vote or to have their votes counted.

Andy Axel's picture


Don't forget the initiative in public secondary schools to supplement the existing 8 oz. standard for soda drinks with an additional 4 oz.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

Virgil Proudfoot's picture

What, no flag protection?

You mean they haven't proposed a constitutional amendment to protect the flag? Oh well, the session is still young.

onetahiti's picture

Excellent post, R.Neal

"Republicans Gone Wild" indeed. Our legislature is bringing ridicule upon Tennessee and shame to themselves.

-- OneTahiti

citizenX's picture


Well said, R. Neal. I like the way you think.

Stick Thrower's picture

Credit where (and when) it's due though...

Tim Burchett sponsored a bill to make credit card companies honor a postmark as date of payment. A little more about it here.

By Burchett
(a) If any card holder submits a payment to a card issuer by mail, then such payment shall be credited to the card issuer's account as being received on the date the payment is postmarked.
(b) A violation of subsection (a) constitutes an unfair and deceptive act or practice.

It's probably impossible to enforce across state lines, but it's a nice idea anyway.

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