Thanks to an incredibly generous land donation by the Wood family (left, above), Legacy Parks announced today a 100 acre addition to South Knoxville's Urban Wilderness. The new park, on undeveloped land off Taylor Rd. near South Doyle Middle School, will feature more than four miles of multi-use hiking and biking trails, including an introductory mountain bike trail.

There are also two prominent balds. One that reaches an elevation of 1100 feet and offers a 360 degree view of Knoxville will be called Pappy's Point in honor of Pat Wood and will be developed as a family gathering place.

Mayor Rogero, Vice Mayor and South Knoxville Councilman Nick Pavlis, and Legacy Parks Director Carol Evans all recognized the Wood family's commitment to South Knoxville and thanked them for their generous gift.

Carol Evans spoke about the national attention South Knoxville's Urban Wilderness is receiving, the increase in real estate values, and the related new business startups. The new land, she said, offers unique opportunities in terms of location, topography and size, and will connect existing Urban Wilderness trails and parks.

Kim Wood McClamroch, daughter of the late Pat Wood, said that her father was always very proud to be a Knoxvillian, but he was especially proud to be a South Knoxvillian. She spoke of her father's hard work and dedication to the community and said that her family is honored to make this gift to the city.

Mayor Rogero thanked Pat ("Pappy") for his donation, and said he was a friend for many years. "What a legacy to leave Legacy Parks Foundation," she said.

UPDATE: The Mrs. has raw video of the proceedings from her smartphone shakycam, might render on some browsers, after the break...

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Glad you're there. I wanted

Glad you're there. I wanted to go but got stuck home with school stuff.

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Hush. I'm overwhelmed

Hush. I'm overwhelmed enough.

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Tears came to my eyes when

Tears came to my eyes when Kim Wood McClamroch spoke. It's a South Knoxville thing. I spoke with her after the announcement to congratulate and thank the family. Pat Wood and his family lived just a few houses down from the Mr.'s family in the late 60s/70s. She was also in the high school band at the same time we were. She is obviously very proud of her father. I'm sure he was very proud of her as well.

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Tears came to my eyes when

Tears came to my eyes when Kim Wood McClamroch spoke. It's a South Knoxville thing.

Same here. (Don't tell anybody.)

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Thanks for the post

I was pretty angry with the Wood family for logging that property and then leaving it (to spill dirt and rocks onto Cruze Road). I am pleased they are donating that property which will be a big bonus to the Urban Wilderness. I also feel a bit different about the family after your kind comments. South Knoxville folks do stick together.

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