May 12 2008
09:19 am

The KNS has an update on the LED billboard "impasse" today.

The same issue is playing out in Nashville. Mike Byrd at the Enclave blog has been following it closely.

This is starting to sound like the AT&T cable bill. Wonder why the billboard industry hasn't gone to the Tennessee legislature to ask for statewide regulations allowing LED billboards?

UPDATE: Frost calls on UT to comply with billboard law

Lisa Starbuck's picture

Wrong Link

Randy, the link to Enclave is incorrect - goes to the KNS site.

R. Neal's picture

Oops. Thanks. Fixed it.

Oops. Thanks. Fixed it. Scroll to the bottom and read to the top to see how it is playing out over there.

rocketsquirrel's picture

ok, I know Lamar is behind

ok, I know Lamar is behind in all this and a focus "seems to be" on "billboards." But what is a billboard? What prevents the tattoo parlor on Broadway with the illegal banner on the fence from changing that to a lit-up LED sign if this thing goes through?

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Cry More?

So West Virginia, by some magic of government pork, has a big FBI installation in addition to all its racist inbreds? HOT DAMN!!

I'm from California, Silicon Valley to be more specific. We think we're better than hicks...because, umm, we are.

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