Dec 27 2017
01:07 pm

Various social media mentions say the Kay's Ice Cream store on Chapman Hwy in Colonial Village is closing for good on Dec. 30th. I believe it is the last remaining Kay's store.

UPDATE: WATE report...

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Some interesting

Some interesting history...


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Wait, what happened to the

Wait, what happened to the one on Magnolia?

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It's not a Kay's, but the

It's not a Kay's, but the giant cone is still there.

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Haven't been there in years.

Haven't been there in years. Used to love it because it they had lemon ice cream.

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Lemon ice cream

My favorite too. Fortunately you can still get it at Food City (who acquired the Kay's line of ice cream to use as an in-house brand about 10 years ago).

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Wish there were a way to

Wish there were a way to stave off closure. Not many original landmarks left open on Chapman Hwy.

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Good memories of that Kay's.

Good memories of that Kay's. The family went there many times. I remember my dad saying "Let's go get some ice cream"

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SoKno Kay’s & others in the 1940s/1950s

2019 Chapman Highway was the 1st SoKno location for Kay's. It occupied the spot very near where the current Speedmart Deli sits now, one door south of the original Smoky Mountain Market. This shop closed and moved across the street from Baptist Hospital, possibly around the early 1950s.

After Kay's moved away from 2019 Chapman Highway, Tinsley's Restaurant took over the spot. After about 4-5 years, Tinsley's moved further south near the intersection of Chapman and Moody, taking over the location of the former Park Highway Market. Eventually, this location became a revolving door for such names as Betsy Jane's, The Old Vienna Inn, and eventually Doyle King's Home Improvement.

King was the father of South Knoxville folk singer Joy King. Joy eventually opened the Raven Coffee House in her father's former business - this was around the mid 1960s.

By this time, Dis 'N Dat Delicatessen had opened up on the corner of Chapman & Moody. The Raven Coffee House was demolished to provide more parking for Dis 'N Dat.

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Kay's will reopen the first

Kay's on Chapman Hwy. will reopen the first week of August, 2018.

According to George Saah, one of the new owners and current owner of Scott's Place at 4700 Asheville Highway, there's no exact date for the South Knoxville staple's reopening but he's shooting for the first week of August.

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Wish one of these could be

Wish one of these could be taken over by Cruze Farms ...

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Cruze Farm at Asbury

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