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This is fun.

This is fun.

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Lambert: "Tim Hutchison was the general who led us" on Black We

Clown Shoes Lumpy has been bragging about getting a job with Burchett.I guess he wasn't kidding when he said,"I do what it takes".This stench of CSLumpy and these other sick monkies is obscene.Timmy,surely you haven't sunk that low .....rememdium est peior quam morbus

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The slightest hint of hunger

The slightest hint of hunger turns them all into cannibals.

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Last November, I attended

Last November, I attended Lloyd Daugherty's Lincoln Day Dinner. Hutchison was standing in the door to the banquet hall and when he saw me, he told me he wanted to talk to me, grabbed my arm and yanked me into a little alcove and said "I hear you've been talking about me."

He kept his grip on my arm and stepped in close. I told him that he was right and volunteered to repeat what I'd been saying about him.

One thing I need to make clear is that I'd been a supporter of his for many years, in part because I believed that Victor and the KNS had been unfair to him, in part because I believed he was actually good at his job. I ignored all those stories about retaliation and brutality, ignored Roy Lee Clark stories and stuck with him through all those years at Metro Pulse when I was literally the only person in that office who didn't hate him. I cannot tell you how many times, over the years, I've had people ask me how I could possibly defend him. There's more to it than this, but that pretty much summarizes a 20-year walk down memory lane.

I told Hutchison that the scales fell from my eyes when I saw him on Black Wednesday, stalking around in the lobby outside the Large Assembly room with two TWO cellphones, one in either hand, barking orders into both. He was utterly determined to pack that commission with his "people," and he was ready to harelip hell to do it. I saw him doing the stuff that his opponents had been telling me he did for lo those many years, and I knew I could never, ever support him again. And that's what I told him last November.

His answer flabbergasted me:

"I wasn't even there."

I was absolutely gobsmacked. The man was denying something that I was an eye witness to. And he sounded like he believed it! I told him I saw him bullying people, just as he was trying to bully me at that moment – putting his hands on me, pulling me into a side hallway, violating my personal space and looming over me – and I told him I wasn't having any of it. He continued to deny that he'd had anything at all to do with Black Wednesday until I extricated myself and walked away. I'm still astonished.

Tim Burchett is a friend of mine, also someone I've known for 20 years, just like Hutchison, and it's no secret that I support him, as I have done from the first time he ran in 2004. But I would not be for Hutchison if he were unopposed.
And that's the "boldfaced" truth.

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I was there

and so was he. I stood in the hall and saw things I wish I hadn't seen.

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cell phone records

Maybe the new Lumpy will now turn over his cell phone records from that fateful day... But why bother, as Scooby would say, "It's a mute point." sheesh.

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Did Burchett offer Lumpy a

Did Burchett offer Lumpy a job?
Did Hutch run over Lumpy's dog?
Someone catch me up to speed.

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Vote for Cosby. He is not tied to anything.

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Burchett needs to seperate himself from current office holders

He needs a clean break from these "hangers on" who see a Burchett victory over Hutch in the primary. Burchett needs to state emphatically that no current elected or appointed officeholders will be a part of his administration in suite 625 otherwise his claims of bringing in new ideas or new ways of doing business are subject to abject credibility concerns.

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Why would Timmy contaminate

Why would Timmy contaminate himself with a confessed Black Wednesday conspirator and liar.For three years CSLumpy concealed the truth.Now he has an epiphany.This is very convenient.Who would allow CSLumpy , of all people,to throw this Hail Mary.This smacks of desperation in the Mayor Rice camp.Does anyone have Showboat's number?

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Off the Reservation

Wonder why Lumpy is choosing now to go off the reservation? He surely has known about all this from the beginning. There is most certainly more to this story than is apparent right now.

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Lumpys Wagon

Lumpy NEEDS TO FIND a star to attach his shamed wagon to. He will be back to shady car salesman very soon. A job that suits him very well.

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This isn't hard to understand at all--

Lumpy called me the day before he went public (and, no, Lumpy and I have not been on good terms), and he told me he was getting upset at seeing/hearing Hutch on the campaign trail disclaiming any responsibility for Black Wednesday. Lumpy is not one to suffer in silence, and i presume that he made a lot of calls. He was extremely POed.

He had an audio clip of the statement that ticked him off so, and it's been posted with the story, so you can listen to what Hutchison said. Given Lumpy's POV, is it really that hard to see why he was mad?

TH has been disavowing Black Wednesday involvement all over the place during this election cycle. He also claims there were no factions on County Commission, and that everybody used to just sit down at the table together and work things out when he was the sheriff. It never fails to make my jaw drop when I hear him say this stuff, although I come at my indignation from a different angle as Lumpy.

He told me that he resented Hutchison's denials and said the former sheriff was "throwing Commission under the bus." He still says he believes they did nothing wrong --"Nothing they don't do in Nashville or in Congress every single day." He also says both sides broke the sunshine law. I suppose he's got a point with that theory, but since neither the General Assembly nor Congress have made themselves subject to any kind of sunshine law requirement, it hardly matters.

It was clear that a whole lot of deal-making was going on behind the scenes, on every side, and rumors flew that last weekend before the meeting. I was particularly interested in the 2nd District because it's where I live, and was very upset to see the way that appointment came down. It was utterly clear what happened there and who benefitted. Hutchison picked his successor, who made a job for him until he was eligible to draw his pension a few months later. Former Hutchison loyalist Scott Moore get his campaign treasurer Chuck Bolus in place to cast a vote for longtime Hutchison loyalist Lee Tramel.

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but since neither the General

but since neither the General Assembly nor Congress have made themselves subject to any kind of sunshine law requirement, it hardly matters.

There may be some funding available if you want to start some gangster shit with these people statewide.

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BLACK WEDNESDAY LIVE: County Commission appoints replacements | KnoxViews:

One person remarked that "we just witnessed a sheriff who is out of office take over Knox County government."

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This IS fun!

Between posts here and the always colorful KNS comment section, we are going to do a replay of Black Wednesday, right here online!

I going for the popcorn.

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So how much play is this

So how much play is this getting in the local media, Sunday TV, etc.?

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Sunday TV

The local Sunday TV programs are taped earlier in the week so if Lumpy went to the KNS with this on Friday, they did not have the lead.

I kept wondering if the Tim vs Tim would explode within the republican party. Not only did it, but it was ignited by Lumpy. And between this race and the Scott Moore ousting, Black Wednesday is getting lots of play.

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Sunday TV taped before this

Sunday TV taped before this broke, so there won't be anything about it (for the 50 people who watch :-)

How's everything down on the Creek? Beautiful?

If I had something like that in my back yard, I'd prolly hole up at home and NEVER come out.

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The Creek is absolutely spectacular right now.

But you should come out and see for yourself. The wood thrushes are back and singing like it's spring or something. We made the hike up the new trail between rain showers this morning and have it almost ready for hikers, as opposed to us mountain goats. ("Old" mountain goat, as I'm referred to, and I'm not sure it's a complement)

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'nuff said

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GOP canibalism....LOVE IT

And I love the sign, too. And it is not JUST 'stupid' we need to vote out. It is the fact that this dirt, this mud-slinging is going to get much WORSE/or better, depending on one's perspective, on just how desparate these good ole boys become!

This election is NOT about the next Rethug scandal, the next 'squealer' telling on his former patrons.

This election is about voting for someone who intends to rid this County Government of this mess, this nepotism, this patronage. Why would any intelligent voter, of ANY party want to keep re-electing all these bumbling fools. We need to be proud of our elected officials, not cringe when they make the Wall Street Journal with their idiocy.

This election should be electing a well-qualified candidate who has the ability to lead, to bring together the best, quality candidates for his staff, whose intent is to grow this county, to have open, transparent meetings, and to work FOR all our citizens.
My candidate has all these talents, abilities, integrity, and he does NOT owe anyone. Period. And he is NOT a Republican.

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and the plot thickens

wakeup's picture

and the plot thickens

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