Feb 14 2013
07:40 am

SB1243 by Campfield revises the procedures for selling the state-owned property where the Lakeshore Mental Health Institute was operated prior to its closure.

The bill puts restrictions on the sale of the land (and any other land in the state previously used for mental health services) to local governments, including competitive bidding with private companies and a requirement for "highest and best use."


The following is Mayor Madeline Rogero's statement on legislation proposed by State Sen. Stacey Campfield requiring the sale of state property at the former Lakeshore Mental Health Institute.

Mayor Rogero: "I strongly disagree with Senator Campfield's proposal to sell off state land at Lakeshore. The City of Knoxville has a longstanding agreement with the state about the transfer of Lakeshore to the City, which will protect the land as a public asset for generations to come. This transfer has been underway for a number of years and the city has already invested substantially in Lakeshore Park. Senator Campfield has had no conversations with the City administration about his proposal, and we strongly oppose it.

This proposed legislation would damage a highly-used and treasured City park, which is open for all Knoxvillians to enjoy. In addition, it would be bad policy to limit the state’s ability to choose the best manner by which to dispose of any of its surplus property."


PREVIOUSLY: Permanent supportive housing proposed for Lakeshore

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Updated with statement from

Updated with statement from Mayor Rogero's office.

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Why does she refer to him as

Why does she refer to him as 'senator'? That implies he's earned some sort of respect.

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I would guess...

...she's showing respect for the office, as opposed to the man. Didn't you ever see that episode of "The West Wing" where Jed was picking out a new secretary to replace Mrs. Landingham?

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Which developer(s) put Stacey

Which developer(s) put Stacey up to this? Shall we check his financial disclosures to count how many? I am sure there are several drooling over this prime piece of property.

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Gotta love a legislator who

Gotta love a legislator who fights for the interests of his constituents.

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The Haslams are going to love

The Haslams are going to love this stinkeroo of a bill!
And Victor's gonna shit a brick.
Stacey's just raised a ton of moolah for Briggs, I'd say.

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Exactly, Bean. He just

Exactly, Bean. He just doesn't know when to shut up.

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This one I don't get. If

This one I don't get. If Campfield TRYING to lose?

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This move is payback at several levels. There is still ill will towards Victor Ashe over the White Lilly house. The park is a jewel of his legacy.

The land is some of the most valuable in Knox County. There are several big money folks (read political contributors) that would love to get their hands on the property. Even if this bill fails, it's always good to know that you can buy a state senator that will blatantly flout the public interest for a single bribe.

And finally, there was the TYP debacle. This is a huge in-your-face to those who would promote an open dialogue over innovative solutions to problems dealing with poverty and homelessness. Regardless of one's ultimate position on the final use of the property, the open discussion of its end use was both valid and a community benefit.

If Stacy Campfield was truly concerned about being an advocate for mental health, he would be advocating that the property be used as a mental health facility.......hey, wait a minute......

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Lakeshore's not even in his

Lakeshore's not even in his district -- it's in Massey's.

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Rep. Steve Hall has signed on

Rep. Steve Hall has signed on to sponsor Campfield's bill in the House.

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Where do I send my check Dr.

Where do I send my check Dr. Briggs?

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