May 29 2018
08:29 pm

We just finished a 3,000 mile circle loop around Lake Michigan. We were camping the entire way in our R-Pod. It was an outstanding trip. I won't go into all the details except I wanted to let you know just how litter free it was in MI and WI. Saw very little litter until we got back to TN. Roads pretty much were bad but we managed. This link is pretty close to what we did. 35 breweries along the way also. (link...)

bizgrrl's picture

What an interesting trip. Did

What an interesting trip. Did it snow?

xmd's picture

No, no snow. It was a little

No, no snow. It was a little cold to start (lower 40's in the night) but toward the end, temp's in the upper 80's. It was like having two springs for us.

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