Jun 20 2007
07:00 pm

Now there's a transcript, but you ought to go watch her speech. The transcript leaves out the applause and the laughter...There is plenty of both.


R. Neal's picture

Awesome. Thanks, Steve.

Awesome. Thanks, Steve.

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Told ya Digby was a

Told ya Digby was a she...What a great person. I sit at the feet...

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Yeah, for years back during

Yeah, for years back during the SKB days when we frequently corresponded, I had this image of a relatively wealthy or at least well off, disaffected LA/Hollywood type guy with long hair and a scruffy beard who came of political age around the same time as me and had since checked out of the "system" to rail against the machine.

Looks like I was wrong about the "guy" and the "scruffy beard" part, but I'm guessing the rest is about right.

I remember your speculation, and had seen other hints that "he" was a "she", but she sure doesn't write like a "girl" (OK, ducking now, but I think we've had that conversation before).

I love Digby and always have. Now more than ever, because that was an awesome speech.

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How many times have we read

How many times have we read Digby and thought, "What Digby said!"?

On my best day I'm not as clear and piercing.

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Best opinion stylist around,

Best opinion stylist around, bar none. It's scary how she can tap into the wingnut and media heathers' brain stems.

The fact that she doesn't have a column in a mainstream outlet is the best indicator of why newspapers are dying on the vine.

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For whatever reason . . .

I also assumed Digby was male.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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I also thought Digby was a

I also thought Digby was a guy. She writes so clearly on her topic that there seems to be little hint as to what gender she was/is. Most people will never write that clearly.

The picture of the guy from "Network" may be what made most people lean toward guy, that and the sparseness of the webpage. Hullabaloo is a not great looking website.

I will also say that any other writer on Hullabaloo seems inferior to me because I am so used to the quality of Digby's posts.

WhitesCreek's picture

All other writers seem

All other writers seem inferior to Digby.

(I try...really, I do...So do we all.)

Bless Digby for setting the bar so high.

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