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Balance restored...

universe in harmony.

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First world luxury?

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You may want to skip this

You may want to skip this anecdotal comment; I won't be offended.

A month or so after my cardiac surgery, a friend who is a PhD chemist took me to my doctor for a checkup and to be cleared to start driving again. Afterwards we ended up at the Copper Cellar for lunch and he ordered a Bloody Mary encouraging me to do the same. I hesitated. Well you do don't you when you're not sure there is still a place for you on this planet.

So he said, "Look, I'm a doctor and I think you need this. Besides, if something goes wrong, there's a hospital just up the street."

So, fans of little square gut bombs (me included) can rest assured in the knowledge that there is indeed a very fine hospital just up the street.

BTW: There was a lot more tomato juice than alcohol in that Bloody Mary so I may as well have had an OJ.

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