Mar 26 2006
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I’m not in the mainstream of my party on some immigration issues. To me, it’s almost entirely a security issue. Not an economic issue. There are more jobs here than there are Americans willing to take them. (Trust me. I’m in the construction industry–at even $9.00 an hour, much of the work is still done by people whose documents are probably very good forgeries.) --Bob Krumm

When did it become okay to do this? Did I miss the boat somewhere? Am I ignorant on the issue? It is not an economic issue? I'm willing to bet if your workers are undocumented that they also do not pay taxes. Since when is it okay for me to pay taxes to subsidize undocumented workers that you hire, Bob? Talk about business subsidies.

Another quote from Bob's campaign websites:

Taxes belong to the people who pay them and not to the government collecting them. I missing something in all this, or is he?

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Undocumented workers

If it weren't for "undocumented workers," there wouldn't be many homes built around here.  These folks aren't going anywhere.  They want to be here.  They want to work.  Of course the borders should be more secure, but there are thousands of "undocumented workers" playing an important role in our community and they ought to be treated with the respect and dignity and taxed like the rest of us -- not degraded for political gain (especially on certain radio shows).  I agree with Hillary Clinton ("It's the Christian thing to do") and President Bush ("Family values know no border").


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Most undocumented workers do pay taxes if they are on any type of payroll.  They will pay both FICA (social security) and Federal income tax.   It's the employer's responsibility to withhold taxes - and most do (the penalties are stiffer for that than for hiring illegals).  Illegal immigrant workers pay into the FICA system, propping up social security as most of them will never get any of that back in social security payments.

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Pew Research & NPR

A fellow from the Pew Hispanic Center was on NPR (Read & listen here). He asserts that about 50 to 60 percent of undocumented workers are on the books and paying taxes.

The economic issue aside, is it right (and Christian) to use an undocumented workers status as something to hold over their head to pay him or her less than you would otherwise?

Is it right, as an employer, to overlook 'very good forgeries' instead of using the legal process put in place by the IRS?

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I have no sympathy with the

I have no sympathy with the Pro-Illegal immigrant arguments. I realize we have a President who thinks he can choose which laws he will obey, but that's wrong too.

 Enforce the law. If it's a problem, sit down at the table and work something out that will serve American Citizens.

I can't help but laugh when someone claims that no one wants to do a job for minimum wage, while praising the "Market Economy"...What hypocrisy!



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" I can't help but laugh when someone claims that no one wants to do a job for minimum wage, while praising the "Market Economy"...What hypocrisy!"

Damn!  That needs to be writ large in every rethugnantcan meeting place.  That sir, is huge.



It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

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You would lose that bet. 

You would lose that bet.  What you're missing is what Vol Abroad pointed out.  Every one of our employees has documentation and has the proper taxes withheld. 

You're missing the distinction between an employer who knowingly hires illegal aliens, and one who hires people who have documentation that looks accurate, but isn't.  The first type of employer is committing a crime.  The second employer is following the law.

I suppose we could avoid the whole problem by refusing to hire people who "look like" illegal aliens.  But that wouldn't be right either, now would it?

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Thanks for pointing that out.

Here is why I said what I said:

(Trust me. I’m in the construction industry–at even $9.00 an hour, much of the work is still done by people whose documents are probably very good forgeries.) --Bob Krumm

If you think the documents are forgeries, why not report them? I'm betting you are not the only one seeing this.

Maybe, just maybe, our federal government will deal with this issue and put it to rest. Then, we can organize this huge labor pool and show them they can make better wages than people like you are paying them.

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They don't look like

They don't look like forgeries, but it's months before you find out that the SSN they supplied is invalid.

Why don't we report them if we <i>think</i> the documents are forgeries?  Because even worse is the law suit we subject ourselves to by <i>not</i> hiring someone because he "looks" illegal.

And your worries about what we pay them, are misplaced.  Unskilled construction laborers who show up to work regularly and on time, start at about $9.00 around here.  They are already getting a fair market wage.

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 There are other issues like the strain on social services and health care that are also no being addressed when it comes to illegals. 

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Pay Taxes?

Oh puleeze!  I'm sick of this illegals pay taxes crap!

I just did my son's taxes for last year. He earned $18k( $9/hour). With the EITC and one or 2 deductions he didn't pay a dime of income tax!!!!!

Now he did pay social security and medicare.  However, if the workers SSN or FITN is invalid, by law those funds are placed in a suspense account and not dispersed to anyone. Except the Fed withdraws those and leaves a worthless IOU.  And if your tax ID is fake then of course you are going to claim the max deductions on the W4 so no income taxes are withheld.

The only taxes illegals are forced to pay are sales tax. So let's calculate it. They send half their money back to Mexico then spend the rest here and at the local sales tax rate that's about $800.

Average cost per student in Knox county per year $4k. Average number of children on loan from South America, 4 which equals $16K.  60% of hispanic students drop out. And become what?

And if they are birthing new pups while they are here then the average loss to the hospital per child (paying customer or taxpayers) $8-10k (double for C-section).  Could go over $250k if complications.

And then it only takes one anchor brat to qualify for government freebies because the socialist Supreme Court doesn't know jacks**t about the Constitution. The little one must have a place to live free so mom can take care of them. Oh, and don't forget pop. Need to keep the family together. And what would a family be without granpa and granma who are physically unable to work but then how will they survive here in the "mean old USA" without subsistance? After all they loved their country so much they left it.

And let's not forget the 30% of the prison population that is real criminal illegal aliens at an average cost per "guest" of $30k. 

Now who is bearing the real cost? multiply that by 10 million plus the 6 million from the previous 7 amnesties. You getting the point now?

And for those jobs Americans won't do... end welfare! Given a choice to get off your lazy ass or starve, I don't think you need to have a PhD in rocket science to figure it out. The gov't has made it too easy to avoid work even to the point the leeches don't have to walk to the mailbox anymore to pick up their check what with direct deposit.

So when pro-criminal immigrant activists whine about illegals paying taxes and contributing, take it outta here right back across the border.

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