Aug 14 2011
06:27 am

Kroger stores in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee are asking customers to check their refrigerators and freezers for certain items containing ground beef with "sell by" dates of July 29 through August 12. This ground beef is part of a recall announced by National Beef because the product may contain E. Coli O157:H7. Customers should return the items to stores for a full refund or a replacement.

The items included in the recall are:

• Kroger 5 lb. Pkg. Flavorseal Ground Chuck (UPC: 1111097028 (only date included for this product is "Freeze By 8-12-2011)

• Kroger Beef Chuck Ground 80-85% (UPC 22251500000, 22251510000, 22251520000, 22251530000, 22251550000, 22251560000, 22251570000, 22251580000)

• Ground Beef Patties - Regular & Family Pack (UPCs: 22250400000, 22250410000, 22250420000, 22250430000, 22251600000, 22251610000, 22251620000, 22251630000)

• Ground Beef Seasoned Patties - Regular & Family Pack (UPCs: 29116750000, 29116760000, 29116770000, 29116780000, 29116850000, 29116860000, 29116870000, 29116880000)

• In Store Made Meatballs - packaged and service case (UPCs: 29119600000, 29119610000, 29119620000, 29119630000, 29119640000)

• In Store Made Meatloaf - packaged and service case (UPCs: 29109100000, 29109110000, 29109120000, 29109130000, 29109140000)

SOURCE: The Kroger Co. press release

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Just bought some Kroger ground beef yesterday. And, while the UPC codes appear to be okay, I noticed in small print by the code--Product of US and Mexico.

Not. Pleased.

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We bought some in July within

We had some in the freezer that we bought in July within the mentioned date range. The UPC codes also appear to be okay, but I'm considering returning it anyway. Ours was also a Product of US and Mexico. What's the deal? May have to do more shopping at Food City.

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kroger ground beef is also

kroger ground beef is also labeled "contains natural flavorings," whatever that means. food city - particularly the one in fountain city - has a nice meat department with helpful clerks (are they still called butchers?) who will cut or grind meat to order.

btw the new food coop is moving to its new location and should be open by friday. that should provide a bit of competition to kroger in the north knox neighborhoods ..

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I love Kroger, but will have to pay better attention to where the meat if from and possibly just buy my meat at Butler and Bailey. I know theirs comes from North Carolina. Probably will be my plan. I had quit buying fish at Kroger because almost all of it is from China or other parts of Asia.

Wouldn't thorough cooking kill e-coli? I don't want to throw out my ground beef. I break my one pound packages down into plastic freezer bag portions and just use a little to saute in with peppers and onions, etc.

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I would never pretend to know

I would never pretend to know what would kill e-coli.

This is a Class I USDA recall.

This is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.

The USDA website news release does discuss safe preparation of fresh and frozen ground beef.

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This recall is not just for

This recall is not just for Kroger, it also affects Winn-Dixie and Publix.

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