Dec 28 2012
12:00 pm

Maybe someone who pays closer attention or knows more about it can fill me in. Except for some weird navel gazing by John Adams, it seems like every News Sentinel article about the U.T. Vols football program over the past couple of weeks has come out of Nashville, Chattanooga, or chat boards.

Is UT freezing out the KNS, or has KNS declared a blackout on reporting? They've got three or four guys assigned to UT football. Seems like that ought to be adequate to cover the transition and recruiting and so forth, especially considering they've only got one poor guy covering all of county government.

cwg's picture

I may be wrong, but I'm

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the KNS just has one guy that is the dedicated football beat guy. (They have another reporter who is the dedicated basketball guy who helps with the football beat.) And my guess is that he is taking a well-deserved Christmas vacation, as there is no Vols bowl game to cover. Reporters do get vacation time, believe it or not.

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Dead Period

Plus it's the dead period. Theoretically nothing is going on.

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Is the point it's not a dead

Is the point it's not a dead period for the Chattanooga and Nashville papers?

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Theoretically nothing is

Theoretically nothing is going on.

Except recruiting, staffing, program re-re-building, etc. Plus Coach Jones said he'd be working 7x24 to get all that done before the next kickoff. Doesn't seem unreasonable for the KNS to do the same, given how critical U.T. football is to the local economy, Pilot, and KNS ad revenues.

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Today they covered Dooley's

Today they covered Dooley's twitter tweets from last week. Maybe they will catch up to covering facebook, when they get back from vacation and whatnot.

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