Sep 18 2017
10:55 am

Price of old-fashioned 7 day hard copy subscription to KNS jumping from $29.72/month to $42/month??!! Spouse likes to read it and cat likes to sit on it.

Rachel's picture

Jim and I like to read it too

Jim and I like to read it too - the website frustrates me no end.

But that may just be the straw....

R. Neal's picture

41% increase, if my math is

41% increase, if my math is correct.

Charge more for an increasingly inferior product. Sounds like a winning strategy.

Maybe a 41% increase is how much they need to cover all the lost revenue from unsubscribers.

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HP or TI? Habla RPN?

Rachel's picture

I love a guy that talks

I love a guy that talks dirty.

BTW, Randy's math is correct.

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KNS rate increase

Just tried to cancel subscription, mentioned the increase was too much to swallow. They offered a new 6 month rate, good for 18 months, at less than I paid the last 6 months. I took the offer, despite being increasingly unhappy with content.

cwg's picture

and for that rate hike, you're getting two less reporters

Don Jacobs and Wayne Bledsoe reportedly laid off (or bought out, unclear) today.

R. Neal's picture

Wow. Who's left? Jamie

Wow. Who's left? Jamie Satterfield, I guess.

Don Jacobs has been there forever. So has Wayne.

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