Sep 27 2017
08:13 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Trevor Knight,, on the local "McPaper":

"I probably look at the newspaper from a different perspective than the average reader. I see the decline daily, the mistakes, the lack of local content, duplicate stories in different sections, the political bias that drives both news coverage and story emphasis, the disdain this company has for readers and subscribers and yes, advertisers – and even for the employees."

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Stockholders do not care

but you do wonder what happens when there is not even Gannett. Democracy is hard enough with good newspapers and I do not know how it will survive without them.

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Incredibly sad column by Tom King

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I look at the paper from the

I look at the paper from the same perspective he has - and see the same failings.

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Priorities misplaced?

Yeah, I am pretty deranged to be paying $26/month for Sudoku puzzles. There is never a single thing in the "USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee" fiasco of a paper that I haven't already read elsewhere a day before, except for a description of the amount of blood spatter in the latest murder trial. (I will miss the sweet column by Leslie Snow, though.)

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Leslie Snow

Leslie is now at the Shopper News. Their content is free at the grocery store and probably online. I suspect they will fold the operation and shove her out the door in short order though. I enjoy her stuff too. She is is a writer in the craftsman style that is all too rare in this day and time.

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Cwg tweeting that Tom Chester

Cwg tweeting that Tom Chester was let go.

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Guess they don't need any

Guess they don't need any editors since they don't have any writers:)

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The best

Tom is the best journalist I've ever worked with. Period.

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