Dec 29 2010
09:33 am

The Knoxville News Sentinel is partnering with 247 Sports to launch, a new subscription-based sports site. The site launches tomorrow and will feature in-depth coverage of U.T. football and men's basketball. The cost is $9.95 per month or $107.40 per year. Here's the announcement with more info.

The site will be hosted by 247 Sports. Jack Lail at the KNS says "After having done a standalone paid site, we are acutely aware of the advantages of being part of a network of team sites, sharing common resources like a national recruiting database, for instance."

The existing KNS GoVolsExtra site will continue its UT sports coverage and will remain free.

247 Sport and KNS have hired two sports reporters to provide exclusive GVX247 coverage. According to Jack, "Those two will be the primary reporters, but there will be a lot of sharing of resources, information, photos, linking etc."

Commenting on the venture, Jack said "We've done free. We've done paid. Now, we'll try both!"

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UPDATE: KNS editor responds to negative reaction...

75 cents wasted's picture

This project failed miserably several years ago

The whole Go Vols Extra was originally a pay site, however, it blew up and eventually became an online component of the KNS website.

In my opinion, this is simply more hucksterism, trying to turn a dollar on the Big Orange athletic programs or in other words, the News-Sentinel can't make it work under the existing subscription/advertising model and so they want to make a buck on the back of student athletes at UT. I won't be suscribing and I don't subscribe to the daily rag anyway.

Such a model is predicated on substantive content and indepth reporting which the News Sentinel has proven it is not capable of providing, picking and chosing what it will report and what it will not.

Why is the KNS ignoring a serious issue with a local bank which is well ventilated in Nashville, but not discussed in Knoxville?


MemphisSlim's picture

KNS is selective on what it will report, not sure I'd pay extra

for anything they are selling, particularly information which is readily available on other more reliable outlets for free.

In my opinion, the credibility and reliability of the KNS was shot several years ago and most recently their "PReditorial" regarding the Midway Mess cemented their lack of journalistic credibility, reliability, and objectivity.

Brian A.'s picture

$10/month for inane

$10/month for inane recruiting updates? Not me.

Stick Thrower's picture

get what you pay for

Maybe the subscription site will provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Over a week after the vol's basketball loss to USC, the free govolsxtra site still has the game posted as a "Win" on the schedule, and there's no result posted at all on the Belmont game from last thursday.


Fortunately, accurate information about both of those games can be found easily (and freely) on the web in about a million other places.

Brian A.'s picture

That's funny. Well, more

That's funny.

Well, more power to them. I just think the price is too high. Can't you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal for $12/month? There's more than a $2 content gap between the two.

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