Nov 20 2012
08:50 am

Today's KNS editorial says DCS should be given the resources to do their job and that embattled DCS commissioner Kathryn O'Day should be given a chance to turn the agency around.

The editorial notes that O'Day recently asked for $8.6 million in additional funding, but fails to mention that her agency cut funding for case worker training and closed a successful by all accounts juvenile offender facility, dumping the "worst of the worst" back into a system not equipped to handle them.

Instead of conceding to Gov. Haslam's arbitrary across-the-board budget cuts, perhaps O'Day should have been camped out in Haslam's office demanding the resources needed to fix serious problems at the agency. And perhaps the newspaper should have been asking why she wasn't instead of now defending her.


DCS disaster
DCS computer fail
Haslam budget cuts have predictable consequences


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