Today's News Sentinel editorial entitled "Knox County's finances must be transparent" complains about a surprise surplus and says "it is essential that local government's financial picture be completely up-to-date and transparent, not only for the 'board of directors' but also to the citizens of Knox County." They seem to blame the Burchett administration for not being transparent and forthcoming.

We are surprised to learn that the KNS and County Commissioners do not have working web browsers and internet access sufficient to access the web page called "Open and Transparent Government" on the Knox Couny website, where monthly reports such as "Budget Report to Citizenry" can be found that show receipts, outlays, etc. as a percent of budget, etc., and "Monthly Collections & Financial Reports" from the Trustee's office detailing monthly tax collections.

Perhaps the KNS didn't get the January 2011 press release from the Mayor's office announcing the launch of the new website that "helps ensure openness and transparency."

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pot and kettle

What a joke. The New Sentinel is the one who should be transparent.

Perfect example, September 5th the Sentinel buried the story about Dr. James McIntyre's contract extension.


"The Knox County school board was in a giving mood Wednesday night.

At the board's voting meeting, members:

Extended Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre's contract by another year;"

McIntyre's contract was extended for FOUR years. This wasn't on the front page. That is pretty big news to hide. And report incorrectly.

But today the Sentinel wants transparency for Knox County that has existed since January 2011? How worthless can this paper get?

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Restraint can be difficult,

Restraint can be difficult, however, when money shows up unexpectedly, and therein lies the problem.

I'm not sure I understand. The Knox County Budget Reports to Citizenry show surpluses on every report I reviewed, 3/2012, 5/2012, and 6/2012 (as of 7/31/2012 and 8/31/2012). Although, the budget surplus from 5/2012 to 6/2012 (as of 7/31/2012) went down quite a bit but then when back up quite a bit again for the 6/2012 report as of 8/31/2012.

What is it they are complaining about?

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The egg on their face

It's what happens when they depend on their political allies to give them their information instead of sending reporters out to get it.

Or in this case, send their reporters the relevant link.

The KNS is seeing all things political through a Burchett prism, leaving their readers more uninformed than ever before.

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I liked the Netscape

I liked the Netscape reference.

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Not sure if I'm opening up

Not sure if I'm opening up the proverbial can of worms here or not, but this story also ran in today's paper


From the story:

Additionally, commissioners say they would like the administration to file quarterly reports with the board, so members know how on target revenue projections are.

Caldwell said that's not a problem and they'll do it. But, he said, his office already puts the information on the county's website.

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Do I recall a story a few months back about a future $17.3 million surplus that everyone blew off?

The only thing I got wrong was the number -- was too low! -- s.

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Actually, the $17.3 million

Actually, the $17.3 million might have been right at the time. It's fluctuating (but slowly headed upward).

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