Jan 5 2013
11:23 am

Today's KNS has a guest editorial with the headline "Broader Medicare coverage would be good for Tennesseans."

We agree. Except the column is about expanding Medicaid, not Medicare. (We agree with expanding Medicaid, too.) The same error appears in the online edition headline. Also, this is a slightly edited version of the same column that ran in the Memphis Commercial Appeal on Dec. 9th. (They got the headline right.)



This seems like basic stuff that the major daily local paper should be able to get right. Do they even read what they publish?

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I saw that headline this

I saw that headline this morning and got excited. Not that expanding Medicaid isn't exciting, I just have special interest in Medicare.

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Oh com'on, Randy. Do you actually want them (KNS) to practice, you know, journalism?

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STILL confused. From a Tom

STILL confused. From a Tom Humphrey piece today on the new Tennessee legislature: "The first bill pre-filed for the legislative session - by Sen. Brian Kelsy, R-Germantown - would block Haslam from implementing an expansion of Medicare coverage to more Tennesseans, as authorized but not required under the federal Affordable Care Act and U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Haslam is officially undecided on whether to seek an expansion, saying he sees the benefits but worries about the potential costs......"

[Boldface mine]

The next paragraphs talk about the Feds picking up the cost for the first 3 years and 90% of the cost thereafter and about how hopitals are lobbying for the expansion.

Srsly, even Tom Humphrey can't tell Medicare from Medicaid????

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