Jan 6 2009
12:12 pm

Just getting word that tomorrow's edition of the Knoxville Voice will be its last. According to our source, the economy and other financial considerations are cited as factors. They had a good run, and Knoxville has lost it's last and only independent alt-paper.

StaceyDiamond's picture

too bad

That's too bad. While the Metro Pulse is great for entertainment, I think the Voice was the last true source for alt news. Last time they said they'd just hired a new editor, it would be nice if this wasn't true. I am assusming the Hellbender is no more, haven't seen it since the spring.

Raincrow's picture

Hellbender isn't no more.

Hellbender isn't no more. They just aren't in a hurry. Maybe some hellbenders will come slithering out of the fly ash spill and clamp down on TVA's pinky toes.

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This is truly a bummer.

This is truly a bummer.

Editor Elizabeth Wright left in Dec. for a new gig. Larue Cook and Andrew Hock have been working hard to get this issue out. I really hoped that this alternative voice wouldn't be silenced.

I enjoy the number and diversity of alternative rags that you see on the racks when you go to Asheville. If only Knoxville would support more than Scripps owned.

warning. slightly off topic pseudo-related diatribe...

Metropulse? Scripps is doing you no favors with the web software they've forced you to use. Strongly suggest you go rogue so readers can actually find articles on your site.

Homepage takes forever to load. Navigation is worse. Click "Columns." Then on the breadcrumb, select "Knoxville Issues." Scroll down to Matt Eden's "Off Center City" column. Click "Old Man Potter's Revenge."

Then tell me where you are in the site. wtf? why did you make me navigate all the way through that to dump be back to news and features? Ever hear of a drop down menu?

(although S. Clark's insistence on frames on shoppernewsnow.com is frustrating as hell, too.) But she's at least marching to beat of her own drummer. She's stubbornly not fixed it, and Bean has been on her to fix it since Hector was a pup.

end diatribe.

R. Neal's picture

+1 on getting rid of the

+1 on getting rid of the Halls Shopper frames. Also, they should publish the new front page columns with the permanent URLs. When you link to an article on Monday, by next Monday it doesn't make any sense.

Anonymously Nine's picture

Best advice ever...

Metropulse? Scripps is doing you no favors with the web software they've forced you to use. Strongly suggest you go rogue so readers can actually find articles on your site.

The least useful interface in the local market. By far.

Why can't they put the letters to the editor in the online version? It is the dumbest thing since killing MetroBlab.

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When first asked about this...

.. MP claimed they did this on purpose to ensure that people would read the paper copy (to satisfy advertisers).

mte's picture

When did anybody at MP say

When did anybody at MP say that?

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Et tu?

Hellbender isn't no more either? (from your quote, Mr. JR).

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Hellbender isn't no more

Hellbender isn't no more either?

If there is one thing that can't kill a Hellbender, it's the economy. If you aint' got nothing, you ain't got nothing to lose. We will publish again.

My condolences to the many wonderful people at KV and especially to Dane Baker for giving it a try.

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Hell Bender

It's been years since I've been on one of those...

So, When do I need to renew my subscription?

My own WhitesCreek Hellbenders would bite my toes off if I didn't support their rag.

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ATTN Alternative News Hounds

CTV recruits cable access TV producers in Knoxville Voice

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as i said elsewhere,

as a minor contributor to, and a consumer of Knoxville Voice, I am also saddened by this news. Competition between more and different perspectives on news and events is healthy for the community.

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I really like the Knoxville

I really like the Knoxville Voice. Dane Baker (whom I've never met) hung in there as long as he could.
Thanks, KV guys. You done good

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Sad times if you ask me.

Sad times if you ask me.

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I picked up a copy of The Voice yesterday. It appears the staff was shocked and Dane told them at the very last minute, and he's got a new business. I wrote for them once and I know many others who wrote through the years and there was always trouble with pay. I figured it was the staff biting off more than they could chew but maybe it was Baker, I don't know. I wished Baker would have commented himself about why he was shutting down. I very much agree with what the staff said in that they were just getting started and had so much more to do. Its very sad that they are gone.

michael kaplan's picture

i thought it was odd, too,

i thought it was odd, too, that dane baker didn't explain the demise in a written statement, or give his staff more than a week's notice.

the purchase of metro pulse by scripps was probably the nail in the coffin. metro pulse had access to the printing press and kns advertising connections, while kv had to buy its printing at retail price from scripps. i wonder whether metro pulse is self-sustaining ...

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I believe Dane Baker is

I believe Dane Baker is involved in the S&W and A-House refurb, isn't he?

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According to the KV staff statements Baker's new business is flat screens used at bars for advertising. There is one at World Grotto that I assume is one of his, it seems self-defeating that it actually shows ads for other bars. And Baker is involved in some bldg. projects too. I figured all along it would be tough to compete with the MP for ads, no matter who the MP is owned by.

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mini-billboards? i hope i

mini-billboards? i hope i didn't give dane the idea for this by writing about them in my KV column a year or so ago ..

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"the economy and other

"the economy and other financial considerations" means an advertisement boycott over The Mouse's Ear.

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Blank link

You can keep ignoring it or continue to be mystified as to how they have stayed in business for 3 years, or you can pick up one of 10,0000 copies of Knoxville's longest running alternative monthly this week to see what the kids are up to these days.

R. Neal's picture

Not sure I follow, Eric. Are

Not sure I follow, Eric. Are you saying they are publishing again?

EricLykins's picture

Knoxville's longest running

Knoxville's longest running independent publication is BLANK Newspaper (as far as they or I know). I'm mostly impressed that a 22 year old kid made one of those things last three years since we've seen so many of them come and go. Their ad on WUTK says it makes a great birdcage liner. Birds like bread, so we bought three months of advertising:

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In theory, Hellbender Press

In theory, Hellbender Press still exists and will be publishing an issue this fall. Hopefully they'll have the sense to approach you about an ad!

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