Nov 3 2020
05:08 pm

While we wait for election results...

According to Kim Bumpas, the president of Visit Knoxville, Knoxville's tourism rates have already been higher than many other states across the United States.

On Saturday, August 15, occupancy soared to 98.5 percent downtown, which is a more than a 2% increase from this time a year ago.

Whereas, "Visit Knoxville is spending more than $500,000 from CARES Act funds." They are "working to drive tourism up in the city in a safe way by launching a new campaign. "

Hmmmm... Is it possible that money could be spent on those in more need?

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Investing in tourism

If effective, investing in tourism is good. Tourists spend money for housing, food, entertainment -- supporting local businesses and paying local taxes.

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I had high hopes for a masked downtown and becoming a tourist hotspot toward the end of April when our Covid response was one of the best in the region. Then Jacobs took control. I guess the joke was on me and all the businesses downtown.

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