Jul 11 2017
09:06 am
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What: Knoxville SOUP
When: Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 6:00pm
Where: South Knoxville Community Center, 522 Maryville Pike

Knoxville SOUP is a dinner to benefit and unite the community. Up to four individuals or groups that need money to help with a project intended to make a positive impact on the community make brief presentations and field questions about their projects. Attendees listen and then eat dinner -- soup, salad and extras -- while mulling over the projects and getting to know their table-mates. They then vote on their favorite project, and the proposal with the most votes gets the pot from the door. (A $5 donation is suggested per person.) At the last SOUP, Marble Springs State Historic Site won $830 for its Educational School Tour project.

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Knoxville SOUP selected projects

We have 4 confirmed projects to present at our upcoming dinner.

Come listen to the presentations and choose one project to receive proceeds from the door. $5 gets you Soup, Salad and a Vote!!

  1. City of Refuge, Inc.: Using the Arts to Build a Family Support System
  2. South Knoxville Community Center: Better Serving a Growing, Older Population
  3. Central Cinema: "Neighborhood Theater" Moviehouse
  4. Montgomery Village Residents Association: Back to School Supply Drive

Read more about these projects at KnoxvilleSOUP.org.

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Congratulations to the July Knoxville SOUP winners!

Congratulations to South Knoxville Community Center - Better serving a Growing, Older Population and Montgomery Villiage Residents Association - Back to School Supply Drive, who tied for the people's vote at the July 27th SOUP dinner and split the pot of $814. Each organization walked away with $407!

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