Oct 16 2018
02:27 pm
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What: Knoxville SOUP
When: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 6:00pm
Where: Kerbela Temple - 315 Mimosa Ave

Knoxville SOUP is an exciting community-focused project and is open to all of Knoxville. It’s a project Celebrating and Supporting Creative Projects in Knoxville.

Prior to dinner, we showcase proposals highlighting projects that are going on in our city. During dinner, attendees discuss the projects and cast their vote for the project they would like to fund with the proceeds from the door.

Proposals can be for anything that will benefit the community or society in general. Past winning projects have improved greenways and nature trails, provided exercise equipment for seniors, funded back to school drives, supported other charitable endeavors and even launched a small business with a social focus. There are no hard and fast rules to what a proposal should be, only that someone envisions it, asks for it and the diners vote for it.

Read about the proposals to be presented at our October dinner after the jump...

Come support one of these worthy projects - $5 gets you soup, salad AND a vote!

Project #1: Hillcrest United Methodist Church Blanket Ministry
Project Summary: We make blankets for the children at Children's Hospital.

Project #2: Chapman Highway Dogwood Trail Enhancements
Project Summary: Our plan is spruce up and beautify the entrance and a few other common areas along the Historic Chapman Highway Dogwood Trail. This Trail was established in 1957 and is one of the original Dogwood Trails.

Project #3: Ogle Avenue Bus Shelters
Project Summary: We propose building a pair of bus stop shelters on Ogle Avenue to accommodate those using the KAT buses on Route #45. We are especially concerned with those who are using the new FISH Hospitality pantry located in our building and being forced to wait in the open -- rain or shine for the hourly bus service.

Project #4: Spring Hill Elementary School Outdoor Asphalt Game Boards
Project Summary: Spring Hill Elementary is a Title 1 school that serves 471 students, and the school itself was built in the 1950’s. The outdoor play space at Spring Hill is both vast and sparse, which is to say, there is a lot of open grassy areas coupled with a very minimal amount of dated playground equipment, a track, and a basketball court. This project proposal is inspired by the vast outdoor play space, coupled with the fact that many teachers, including the Physical Education coach, lament that few students know how to play outdoor games anymore.



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