In today's Knoxville News Sentinel, editor Jack McElroy says:

"...the News Sentinel is experimenting with changes in way it covers high school sports.

Readers of the print edition may have noticed fewer traditional game stories this season. That's not because we don’t consider high school sports as important as ever.

Rather, we are shifting resources to do a better job of providing content to that younger audience, and that means a greater emphasis on digital content."

Translation: "Logistical problems related to having all our content processed, approved and prepared in Nashville prevent us from delivering local high school sports, or any other local content for that matter, in a timely manner. Plus, local sports coverage requires actual reporters, which we can no longer afford."

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It's just fading away

Congratulations to Blank for soon becoming Knoxville's newspaper of record.

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Gannett Destroys News-Sentinel

When Gannett bought the News-Sentinel, it was obvious the newspaper would become a shadow of itself. They started cutting content & reporters. Of course, the price went up. Who would pay more for less? The newspaper is in a death spiral.

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Is local TV news next?

I don't think that I've ever read a HS football story, but I feel sad for those who do.

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Gannett Strikes Again

The absolutely and vastly, yet still disappointingly, inferior company--and its inferior news product--that is Gannett continues to destroy any semblance of competent, worthwhile print journalism in Knoxville, just as it is doing in Memphis, and just as it long ago finished doing in Nashville. One of the worst corporations ever to plague this nation.

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