Nov 26 2012
05:11 pm

Today's daily cartoon.

(Spotted by a reader)

p's picture

That billboard could have

That billboard could have been not disparage local liberals!

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Billboard Messages

Another thing about billboards . . . the advertising companies cannot control the message without violating the 1st Amendment. Since you can't avoid seeing a billboard on a route you drive on our publicly funded roadways, offensive or just plain ridiculous messages can't be avoided by you or your children if someone decides to purchase one. Once a billboard is in place, it is almost impossible to remove it.

ThatGuy's picture

This is simply not true. A

This is simply not true. A billboard company can refuse to post anything, and they do so quite regularly.

Lisa Starbuck's picture


My statement should have said that local governments cannot regulate the message once the billboard is in place because of 1st Amendment rights.

Average Guy's picture

Southern billboards

Facebook for rich rednecks.

Stick's picture

I nearly spit my coffee all

I nearly spit my coffee all over the windshield when I saw that billboard.

Mort's picture

As a Clinton resident I can

As a Clinton resident I can firmly say the GOP here is decidedly against any type of progress. Thank all the gods I see lots of Obama bumper stickers since 2008

TN N Distress's picture

No funnier

No funnier than the fact that Obama got elected. Think about it.

TN N Distress's picture


Glad for you, mine isn't back to where it was before 2010. Neither was my mother's, which was a good part of what she depended on to live. I am sure you portfolio doesn't have any stock in companies that those nasty rich people started and then took public and made people rich like them.

reform4's picture

Sounds like you bailed at wrong time.

Sounds like you panicked and sold low, or you have a terrible investment counselor. Any properly diversified portfolio should be up from 2010. Dow and S&P both up 30 %.

fischbobber's picture

The Republican Motto

When the truth doesn't work, lie.

Andy Axel's picture

And then

When called on your lies, double down.

bizgrrl's picture

I'm betting there are plenty

I'm betting there are plenty of people who have still not recovered their investments. Their investment counselor might be their 401k manager/employer.

fischbobber's picture

Summed up

You have just summed up why social security is so important. Despite the tea party's never-ending rant, most people can't manage their money better than the social security administration.

Min's picture

I must admit...

...I was so tempted to vandalize that billboard after the election with a well-placed, "Yes, we can".

WhitesCreek's picture

The best part about this

The best part about this billboard cartoon is that Knoxville got blamed for it, instead of Roane County. It was the Roane County Tea Party that paid for it, and it lies in Roane, not Knox. Thanks for taking the bullet.

GRoane's picture

Second Best Part About This Is...

...the asterisk that artist Sipress added over the billboard, with the accompanying note that this is an "actual sign, Knoxville, TN."

You know, so that the rest of the world doesn't think he made up the billboard as part of his cartoon. Folks, the billboard is REAL, that's the funniest part!

smalc's picture

It is/was? near the Crete

It is/was? near the Crete trucking terminal on the Roane/Loudon line. I've seen it many times and thought it was nothing extraordinary, assumed there were others like it.

I drove up I-81 in October and saw signs (mostly homemade) with similar sentiments all along the way through TN and VA.

Gary Johnston's picture

America or Obama , You Can't Have Both, Billboard

The simple message was directly related to Obamas own statement to "Fundamentaly Transform America". The message simply said that you have a choice to keep the America that you know and grew up with and vote him out of office or vote for him again and allow him to turn America into something that you soon will not recognize or want but it will be too late stop.
As a side note. In a State (TN)
where Obama did not try to corrupt the voting process, Romney won by 59% to 39% and in Roane County, Tn. Romney won by nearly 70% to Obamas 28.9% in a County where the residents receive some form of govt. assistance at a 56% level. The billboard received hundreds of positive replies and only two negative replys that I am aware of.

S Carpenter's picture

Consider it three negative

Consider it three negative replies, please.

America is not a static concept.

WhitesCreek's picture

The message was a lie. In the

The message was a lie. In the America I grew up with, unions were strong, the tax rate was 70% on the highest bracket, public schools were beloved and supported, and the middle class was doing rather well. None of these are goals of the Tea Party.

Let's also note that Obama received 34% in TN in 2008 and got 39% in 2012... A 14% improvement, despite being massively outspent.

Average Guy's picture

The message simply said that

The message simply said that you have a choice to keep the America that you know and grew up with...

An 80 year old, 40 year old and 20 year old have grown up in culturally and socially different times. Which time do you propose we revert back to?

And according to this Brietbart article, the initial $4,400 investment either should have or is about to run out. Will your group renew?

Rachel's picture

The message simply said that

The message simply said that you have a choice to keep the America that you know and grew up with

I was born in 1952 and turned 18 in 1970.

Which America is it I'm supposed to keep - that of the 50s or the late 60s?

Not to mention they're both long gone.

Factchecker's picture

Is our Republicans learning?

So how many replys is that in total?

underthebusdem's picture

percentages lie

The percentage in the state might have gone up for obama, but the party is still on a backwards skid. In knox county, obama was down 11,000 votes over 2008, representing a loss of over a decade of party building in the county and a complete loss of total numbers of new voters added over the course of the 2000s. Thousands of votes, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of volunteer hours all lost from more than a decade of work. The loss even cut into the gains from the clinton campaign. Whats the point in getting a party chair into the state house in a situation where that person has no rights once they're there and she got there by totally ignoring the party that put her into her political position. I say this to make the point that percentages are an illusion in politics and when 11,000 voters disappear overnight, it means the party is continuing its fall into irrelevancy.

underthebusdem's picture

41% to 39%

I looked up the numbers for state results. In 2008 obama got 1,087, 437 votes in TN and had 41% of the vote. In 2012, obama got 953,043 votes and had 39% of the vote. The total number of voters lost by this tennessee democratic party was 134,394 votes. There were no gains anywhere. In knoxville, the person responsible for that loss completely ignored the party and the campaign. Its a little hard to think back to that person boasting about 700 phantom volunteers when she lost 11,000 voters, but whose counting.

This sign only reminds me of when the billboard with the giant W was bought after the 2004 election and erected on I 40 west at papermill. Someone hit that one with a red paintball gun.

Min's picture

Party building? What party building?

Did I miss a flyer?

Underthebusdem's picture

Who needs to build the party when you can vote for Gloria?

You build your party in election years, you keep those voters in off years. Knox County Democratic Party, strictly in numbers of voters, is operating somewhere between 1988 and 1990. But, Gloria won so everyone is happy. LOL

Average Guy's picture

Speaking of under the bus,

wait til this "Super Majority" backs over, and over, the voters for the next four years.

Not to worry, Democrats in Tennessee will regain relevance. Republicans having total control over policy will see to it.

Underthebusdem's picture

Not when the Democrats, who

Not when the Democrats, who are already in the minority, are losing 135,000 votes over four years, compared with the Republicans who only lost 20,000 votes.

Not when the Democrats nominate candidates who they disassociate themselves from or nominate candidates like Mike McWherter.

The Democratic Party will be irrelevant for at least the next 20 years.

Average Guy's picture

Absent an anti-science,

Absent an anti-science, anti-education, anti-worker, anti-gay legislature, I'd be apt to agree.

But these notions are not absent. They're very real and they're on their way to becoming policy.

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Tennesseans are, as a rule, undereducated and overreligious.

And I say that as a highly religious person, my own self. They are not, as a rule, stupid. The pendulum will swing back. After all, we are the state that gave women the right to vote.

I truly believe we can be that state again.

Average Guy's picture

Totally agree

It's just the "rule" becoming "law" that really disappoints and bothers me.

What's going on now is an insult to the legacy of some pretty distinguished moderates in Tennessee. And as you point out, it's a legacy that goes back a ways.

Michael's picture


What WhitesCreek said: The billboard was not in Knoxville.

EricLykins's picture


Typical humans develop an additional set of cooperative skills at a population density of about 800, making ours a more advanced community within the species and making Roane County simply an underdeveloped blue county. If Sonny White can get his warp drive going for NASA maybe we can build sprawling plantations across the galaxy and start telling each other to piss off again.

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