I posted this to Facebook earlier. I would like to share it here as well. Sometimes the news can get a bit depressing so it is worth noting that we have had some good things happening locally. It never hurts to think big - - - Cumberland, Urban Wilderness, Downtown, Sustainability, and so much more. As with so much else, public sector success is about vision, leadership, public involvement, a bit of informed risk-taking, and competence in translating concept to reality.

We recently found out that Knoxville is a finalist for the international Bloomberg 2017 C40 Cities Award.



These awards "..aim to share highly replicable ‘best practices’ across cities and draw attention to outstanding performances that have achieved a high level of environmental success in a challenging context".

This is yet another really significant accomplishment for the City of Knoxville. We really appreciate the hard work of Erin Burns Gill, our Director of Sustainability under the leadership of Mayor Madeline Rogero. We are in pretty good company in joining only 10 other US cities including Austin, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, not to mention Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong.

There is really great work going on in cities all over the world. I am so fortunate to have had a front row seat for our efforts, beginning with our being chosen to be a Solar American City in 2008. This has been a long road with more than a few challenges along the way. Some may remember this article from a few years ago.


We have certainly come a long way. A lot has been chronicled right here on Knoxviews. Thanks to everyone for being a part of the conversation.

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Great news. Congratulations

Great news. Congratulations to everyone at the City for the years of hard work leading to this well deserved recognition. Looks like Knoxville is in prestigious good company. Thanks for posting.

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