Sep 1 2021
09:36 am

According to WBIR election results, all of the incumbent City of Knoxville City Council members running for office received the most votes in the election primary.

Tommy Smith - First District
Andrew Roberto - Second District
Seema Singh - Third District
Lauren Rider - Fourth District
Vice Mayor Gwen McKenzie - Sixth District

Each of them has someone running against them in the regular election on November 2. As reported earlier elsewhere, the Knox County Republican Committee backed the five primary candidates with the lesser votes. It is reported that this was "the first time in recent memory, at least, that one of the two parties has publicly backed a slate of candidates." Maybe it is just as well that they don't back any candidates in this election.

Elizabeth Murphy - First District
Kim Smith - Second District
Nicholas Ciparro - Third District
Jim Klonaris - Fourth District
Garrett Holt - Sixth District

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