Those elevators are better than they once were, but still pretty bad. Several years ago there was a neat cozy bar up there. Usually packed. It didn't use the space very well. I think they eventually had some issues with landlord I heard and were gone. But a few businesses since then just couldn't figure it out. The place with neon lights made it tough to see out because of reflective glare.

The WF site and South Waterfront seem like a couple potential gems. We'll see what happens.

The Knoxville City Council approved $2.5 million in funding Tuesday night for work to be done on the iconic Sunsphere and Amphitheatre at World's Fair Park.

Knoxville City Council approves $2.5M for Sunsphere, Ampitheatre improvements

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If the city had invested half

If the city had invested half this amount in the Candy Factory, we'd still have a downtown community center, public meeting spaces open until midnight, classes run by the museum and other arts groups. And .. it could have made money on it by leasing a couple of floors for shops, studios, artist lofts, etc.

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This just in...

And in other news, that horse is still dead.

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