Dec 29 2012
07:24 am

(TAMIS, by way of Sylvia Woods)

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How wonderful. Thanks.

How wonderful. Thanks.

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That was great! thanks. The

That was great! thanks. The work and imagination invested in the floats were amazing.

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Kind of sad that those strong

Kind of sad that those strong community groups are mostly gone now. Closing a community school has far-reaching consequences (I'm thinking of Arminda, for example).

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I was wondering about

I was wondering about Arminda. I had never heard the name.

Yes, when I went to Mount Olive elementary school we had a band and marched in the Christmas parades. Too bad they no longer have a band.

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Mrs. Hagler! That was a long time ago. I got new white bell bottoms for my band "uniform" (with the Mt. Olive sweater) but had to sew them up into a straight leg look...

Bands were grades 6,7,8 and they've (mostly?) been siphoned off to middle schools.

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Arminda is in East Knoxville,

Arminda is in East Knoxville, out Millertown Pike a ways.

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I was 10 months old. Wonder

I was 10 months old. Wonder if my parents took me?

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I wonder the same

I wonder the same as Rachel. I was 10 months old on Dec. 4, 1952. We lived in Maryville and I don't know if we came. My oldest brother was almost 15 and my other brother was 11 1/2. Maybe they were at the parade.

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At the parade

One of my fondest memories of my husband's "fathering" will always be the year he videotaped our daughter, then age five, riding in the downtown Christmas parade with her dance troupe.

I had imagined when he packed the camera up for that outing that he would stand with me on the sidewalk to wait for her float to come by, but no.

He left me almost immediately and raced back to the beginning of the parade route. He then loped alongside her float up one street and down the other, through the entire parade route, filming all the while and calling out "Look at Daddy, look at Daddy" in an increasingly breathless, raspy voice heard on the audio track!

The resulting record is a slightly comical, imminently wonderful testimonial to a father's love!

(Equally charming was the tape of his and our daughter's first tango with a backyard Slip and Slide water toy. She had some difficulty mastering that dive-onto-the-belly-and-slide move, instead flopping onto the end of the track and lying there motionless. Daddy demonstrated and demonstrated, until the camera captured the blood running from his mangled kneecaps, down his shins! Priceless!)

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