Nov 5 2012
09:07 am

Previously: Knoxville's application

Next American City takes a closer look at 3 of the 20 finalists. Knoxville is included.

Knoxville has 184 city-owned vacant lots costing the city $117,033 annually. It also ranks 17th in the nation for areas lacking food accessibility. Mayor Madeline Rogero and Susanna Sutherland, manager of the city’s Office of Sustainability, oversaw the city’s proposal for a comprehensive “urban food corridor,” which will address these issues and more. The proposal starts at the zoning and legislation level and ends at composting. If implemented, it would be the first comprehensive urban food system in the country.

Side note: It seems Santa Monica is finally addressing the "freeway sometimes makes a country girl blue" issue with an "ambitious approach for measuring and improving 'wellbeing' on a citywide basis"

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We are really excited about getting to this stage

We are really excited about getting to this stage and working toward success in the next steps, which begin with Mayor Rogero and a local team going to New York. The idea for this effort came from among many outstanding local entries. Susannna Sutherland, who heads the City's Office of Sustainability, did a great job coordinating the effort.

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This is totally unrelated,

This is totally unrelated, but a friend sent me this pic a few weeks ago and it made me happy.

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Whoa... Do you know anybody in an "economically distressed" community who talks like this:

Durham will "create Proof of Concept Community labs within three economically-distressed communities to foster a holistic entrepreneurship ecosystem for residents, students and businesses to create bold change at the neighborhood scale."

Favorite Element of Mayors Challenge:"This project presents Durham with an opportunity to be transformative in a unique way which, if executed, could have a very positive impact on the community in general and specifically for the people to which it is directed."


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Were they supporting a particular program or project?

What is the focus of the Maclean foundation?

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