Dec 26 2010
09:30 pm

The other media outlets are doing it, so we will too. Unless something dramatic happens in the next week, here are the top 2010 highlights from KnoxViews...


Visitors: 207,547
Visits: 480,430
Pageviews: 1,150,251
Articles: 2320
Comments: 16241
File/photo uploads: 1029

Top 10 Most Popular Articles:

1. Pro-exclusion petition approved (353 votes)
2. State overrules city charter on number of signatures required (314 votes)
3. Oil spill update: Obama's slow motion Katrina (313 votes)
4. BP oil spill update: Work continues to contain spill (313 votes)
5. Oil spill update: Increased flow of oil and BS observed in Gulf (309 votes)
6. Who wants to give away some TIF sugar? (307 votes)
7. Bring Me Your Populist Rage (306 votes)
8. Suburban bobcat evidence (306 votes)
9. Joe Sullivan's article (292 votes)
10. Slow justice (290 votes)

Top 10 Most Viewed Articles

1. State overrules city charter on number of signatures required (14667 views)
2. musicians boycott arizona over immigration law (12408 views)
3. Public meeting re. West Town area homeless supportive housing (6509 views)
4. Bring Me Your Populist Rage (6263 views)
5. KnoxViews endorses Haslam in GOP primary for governor (4422 views)
6. Kiffin and crew leaving for USC (4152 views)
7. Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In Tennessee (3822 views)
9. U.S. Congress reconvenes Wednesday. Ping pong, anyone? (3697 views)
10. Citizens for the Ten Year Plan (3657 views)

Top 25 Authors:

1. R. Neal (1380)
2. EricLykins (187)
3. bizgrrl (155)
4. michael kaplan (93)
5. metulj (78)
6. redmondkr (64)
7. jbr (63)
8. sugarfatpie (29)
9. reform4 (28)
10. Rachel (27)
11. bill young (24)
12. SnM (22)
13. Lisa Starbuck (19)
14. Virgil Proudfoo (16)
15. Tamara Shepherd (16)
16. CE Petro (16)
17. Bbeanster (11)
18. StaceyDiamond (11)
19. agrarianurbanit (10)
20. adanovi (10)
21. rikki (10)
22. WhitesCreek (10)
23. knoxvegas99 (10)
24. ma am (9)
25. Gregg Lonas (9)

Top 25 Commenters:

1. Anonymous (2083)
2. metulj (1598)
3. R. Neal (1156)
4. Rachel (1024)
5. bizgrrl (756)
6. Tamara Shepherd (489)
7. sugarfatpie (475)
8. Anonymously Nine (459)
9. michael kaplan (421)
10. Andy Axel (408)
11. rikki (389)
12. EricLykins (332)
13. Bbeanster (319)
14. redmondkr (296)
15. WhitesCreek (281)
16. bill young (264)
17. whooshe65 (253)
18. fischbobber (236)
19. Pam Strickland (233)
20. Factchecker (201)
21. reform4 (177)
22. Up Goose Creek (159)
23. jbr (150)
24. Lisa Starbuck (135)
25. SnM (134)

Year in Review:

A lot happened this year - everything from local and state elections to urban chickens, a Sarah Palin hacker conviction, the Midway decision, TYP debates, a couple of KnoxViewer local business launches, a new UT football coach and lots more. Here's a flashback sampler of KnoxViews articles and discussions of noteworthy 2010 events.

The next step in the Battle of Midway: A Participatory Plan for Knox Co.
Belmont University: Don't ask, Don't tell, Don't get fired?
Crowded field for Knoxville Mayor
Reverse Elitism and American Politics
Burchett's plan: A lease-back deal for a new Carter School
Baxter: Holston Gases will be a permanent fixture on the South Waterfront
David Kernell sentenced
Hillside/Ridgetop Protection Plan
Alcoa "Parkway" TDOT public hearing
Maryville Daily Times covers launch
Carpe Librum announces closing
Governor's race: Mercy rules in effect
Clinton to TN Dems: Move beyond anger, apathy, and amnesia
What it is ain't exactly clear
Tennessee preliminary scorecard
A perfect storm wipes out a bunch of Democrats
Half a billion dollars raised inside the beltway for "outside the beltway" candidates
Becker stepping down?
WhitesCreek represents at EPA hearing
WBIR to air important TV/online special about prescription drug abuse epidemic
Pam Strickland hits the nail on the head: TYP doesn't need Jon Lawler
JulieApple's October First Friday with the 100 Block Grand Opening Party
Incentives approved for downtown beauty school
Henley (Street) Bridge PR overkill?
State promotes electric cars
Congratulations to Pam Strickland
TDOT v. Townsend
Blount Shaq Attack
TVA idling coal-fired generators
Crosby Stills and Nash at the Tennessee Theatre
Arrowmont staying in Gatlinburg
Open house at the new Pellissippi State Blount campus
My account of the NSM rally on August 14, 2010.
Largest solar PV array in the state and the TVA region dedicated today
Baptist Hospital repackaged as The Bridges at Riverside
Secretary of State election debut: FAIL
High temp weather alert
Orange alert, day 3
Austin-East: They are giving it up to the state
Wounded Inskip principal returns to work
KUB target of tree-trimming lawsuit?
Knoxville Downtown Dog park
Citizens for the Ten Year Plan
Is This What Happens When You Try to Care in Knoxville?
The forces are starting to align
100 Block Gay Street Ribbon Cutting
KnoxViews endorses Haslam in GOP primary for governor
Reaction to "obscure liberal blog" endorsement of Haslam
UT: $14.6 million please to demolish Golf Range, Sutherland Apts.?
Maryville Daily Times sold
Orange Route will not proceed
TYP meeting report
TVA walks back green power suspension
Making lemonade from Cityview lemons
Sunsphere/KPH responds to "vicious smear campaign"
The Knoxville Urban Hen Coalition and the Chicken Vote
A Bonnaroo Review
KnoxViews exclusive: Dr. Gregory Button on the BP oil spill disaster
Hey, hey, my, my...
Tennessee flood update
Get yourself over to Frussie's
Ijams Nature Center 100th Anniversary Celebration
TYP public meeting re. PSH costs
City finalizes Cumberland Ave. plans
KnoxViews wins ETSPJ award
Deniers come out for Al Gore's visit to UT Knoxville
Breakfast with the kudzu eating goats
Sameer Abdallah Jubran Born:September 29,1934 Died:May 4th,2010
Patio dogs
Kernell verdict in: one felony conviction, one misdemeanor
Semi-Liveblogging the 4/28 TYP Meeting
Congratulations to Scott Barker at the KNS
School board & creationism: shaken & stirred
housing first
McCord single-handedly buried mountaintop removal bill
New York Times review of Big Ears
Tennessee awarded $500 million in "Race to the Top"
Sen. Alexander unhinged over student loan reform
Watch President Obama sign the health care bill
TAMIS Dogwood Arts 50th Anniversary retro
West Knox site not suitable for homeless housing development
Tennessee gun laws: Exporting gun violence
Al Gore's honorary UT doctorate degree
Nama moving in next door to Regal Rivera?
Urban Outfitters approved for $500,000 CBID grant
Urban Outfitters deal goes cold.
Robert Loest RIP
MPC approves East Sector Plan including Midway
Latest UT football promotional tie in
Permanent supportive housing proposed for Lakeshore
What goes around, comes around (in the good sense)
TVA arrests journalists at Kingston ash spill disaster site
UT welcomes Coach Derek Dooley
Kiffin and crew leaving for USC

BONUS: Year in Photos

Click image for a slideshow...

R. Neal's picture

UPDATED with photos from 2010

UPDATED with photos from 2010 at the bottom....

S Carpenter's picture

I'll have another, please.

Dear Neal family,

Thanks for another good year on Knoxviews. Keep'em coming.


redmondkr's picture

Yes, once again, this obscure

Yes, once again, this obscure little blog has been right in the thick of things and, shortly after the beginning of the new year, there will be another richly deserved anniversary.

To quote Young Mr. Grace, "You've all done very well!"

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