May 10 2006
02:46 pm
By: R. Neal

Who: Anybody reading this
What: KnoxViewers Night Out
When: Wednesday, May 24th, 6:00 PMish
Where: Downtown Grill and Brewery, East TN History Center Auditorium

Details after the jump...

The Beanster says it's time for a KnoxViews reader/writer/lurker get together. I concur. Here's the deal:

We will meet up around 6:00 PMish (or earlier if you can make it) at the Downtown Grill & Brewery (424 South Gay St. directly across from the Miller's Building) for adult beverages.

At around 7:00 PM, we will mosey on down to the East Tennessee History Center Auditorium (601 S. Gay across from the Tennessee Theater) for the Knox Co. Public Library's 2nd Annual Bob Dylan "Forever Young" Concert for an evening of Dylan songs performed by great local artists. Admission is $10, with proceeds going to fund cultural programs at the Library.

More details (if any) as they develop, otherwise hope to see you there. It's for a good cause and it will be a great opportunity for local KnoxViewers to meet in person.

RedDog's picture

dang - I didn't see this

dang - I didn't see this until I was settled in at the home front - sorry I missed you


opps - I thought the date was for 5/10 

WhitesCreek's picture

WhitesCreek will do his

WhitesCreek will do his dangest to be there.  Gotta arrange travel back from USA soccer game in Gnashville, but a man gotta do what a man gotta do!


Rachel's picture

Oh shoot, I have a south

Oh shoot, I have a south waterfront oversight committee meeting that night at 6 p.m. Afraid that takes precedence over you guys. Next time...

Andy Axel's picture

Oversight committee -- that

Oversight committee -- that must be the meeting where y'all intentionally fail to take things into account, so the city can intentionally waste all of those tax dollars and time!

As in, "Oh yeah, we built this shopping complex, but we never thought about getting people to shop there. It was an oversight on our part."


[/heavy sarcasm mode off]


Wasabi peas are people! They're people!

Oren Incandenza's picture

Prior commitments

I'd love to be there, but I have a Trilateral Commission subcommittee meeting at the same time, followed an hour later by the International Zionist Media & Banking Conspiracy monthy potluck.  Curiously, the agenda at both events includes the South Knoxville Waterfront Development Project. But I hope the KnoxViews event succeeds because I'd like to attend one in the future.

Andy Axel's picture


(That one was much better than mine. Kudos.)


Wasabi peas are people! They're people!

Oren Incandenza's picture


Thank you.  I really do hate to miss it.  I'll be out of town -- at the above described meetings, of course. 

Rachel's picture

Andy & Oren:

Kudos to you both. You obviously really, really understand how the SW process is working. But please - some folks are still "conned", so don't spread it around too much.  Wink

Andy Axel's picture


I'm but a lonely freemason.

And, truth be told, I'm wondering how to crash the Elders of Zion's potluck.


Wasabi peas are people! They're people!

Michael's picture


A Wednesday, you say.

The Brewpub, you say.

I think there may be some slight chance that I'll "attend."


BriansBlog's picture

Can't Make It

I have a previous engagement, I am sure you will miss the token Republican.

You can live a better life or a bitter's your choice

WhitesCreek's picture

Well, I survived being

Well, I survived being repeatedly hugged by a crowd of ecstatic Morrocans after ther Morocan national team beat the USA in soccer. What a hoot.

Anyway, after sitting on I 40 for a couple of hours, traffic moved and we dragged home around 2 am. 

 Short version:

We'll be at the DTB&G by 6...So now what?

Do we all wear yellow carnations in our lapels? What do we do if we don't own a lapel?  Will a slightly fungus infested yellowish looking rose do?

Our pseudonymic alter egos do create a small problem...I can't recognize myself in a crowd.


jah's picture

I think I'll be there, but

I think I'll be there, but I'm skipping the Dylan Fest. I'm too poor right now to justify anything that doesn't involve alcohol or food.

R. Neal's picture

Steve, just go up to the

Steve, just go up to the bartender and say "Afghanistan bananastand".

But seriously, just ask around for the KnoxViewers group and/or Randy and/or Bubba and/or Betty Bean. Somebody will direct you. I'll try to let the servers know where we are and who I am.

Do not be confused by the KnoxBlabbers group, who I am told also hang out there on Wednesdays, although there is quite a bit of cross-pollination (i.e. Jah, Rikki, S. Carpenter, sometimes Ian, and others). I don't know where the KnoxPatchers hang out.

P.S. if there is such a drink as an "Afghanistan bananastand" and the bartender knows how to make one, tip him $5.

SnM's picture


"Knoxblabbers" don't hang out at the brewery, per se, so far as I know. Michael, Amy, Mar, Ian, me, DnB, Dupree (Cafkia), Rikki sometimes and some folks that don't generally post on the blab are often there, especially on Wednesdays. Metro Pulse people are often there as well. As often are many others.

R. Neal's picture

SnM, thanks for the

SnM, thanks for the clarification. Hope to see all of you there!

Factchecker's picture


I'm also planning to, like--how you say... BE THAR!!




Never has the left been so right.

djuggler's picture

Lost conflict

Um.. You guys do know that there is a 2 hour season finale of Lost tonight don't you?

R. Neal's picture

Did not, but stuff like that

Did not, but stuff like that is why they invented Tivo!

WhitesCreek's picture

"Stuff like that" is why

"Stuff like that" is why they invented life...which may be what happens when the "off" switch is deployed....hey, in a few years you can buy the dvd and skip the commercials. think of the anticipation.


Les Jones's picture

Wish I could have made it. I

Wish I could have made it. I wound up staying late at work and Melissa wasn't feeling well. Next time.

jah's picture

we missed ya.  and all of

we missed ya.

 and all of the other "ya's."

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