Mar 18 2006
10:38 am

I tried out the KnoxRX discount drug card we talked about earlier here and here. It works as advertised and I don't see a down side. Everbody should get one of these.

Having no prescription benefit with my insurance, I previously paid the full "list" price. Here are my savings on three prescriptions from today:

List Paid Savings
Prescription #1 $56.99 $12.46 $44.53 78%
Prescription #2 $56.39 $14.21 $42.18 75%
Prescription #3 $39.49 $29.11 $10.38 26%
Total $152.87 $55.78 $97.09 64%

I'm unable to do an exact comparison of my previous cost, because a) one of these is a one time prescription, b) I had my doctor change one to a different drug that has a generic, and c) these were for only 30 day fills, and before I got 90 day fills.

(The pharmacy said after the fact that their standard procedure is to put in 30 day fills to get the insurance/program discount, but they didn't try 90 days to see if the discount would apply so I'll ask them to do that next time.)

Regardless, I'm pretty happy with an overall 64% savings on this order, and over $50/month savings for the two prescriptions I take regularly ($75/month with the savings from switching to a generic for one of them).

You can sign up for the KnoxRX discount card here.

If you are outside the East Tennessee area, you can get a membership card with the same discount benefits here.

The difference is that with the KnoxRX card, the Knox County government gets a percentage of the claim filing fee as revenue earmarked for local non-profits, and the local company that administers it makes a few bucks. Otherwise, they are supposed to be the same.

(How and why we have a health care system where people can get paid to charge providers a fee for charging you a lower price just for typing your e-mail address into a website is a mystery someone else will have to explain. AWA tried here, but I still don't get it. It's crazy.)


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