Oct 2 2018
07:03 pm

The paper version of KNS today had a big picture of Trump holding a big orange jersey with Tennessee 4 Trump written on it.

Made it look like the University of Tennessee might be making an endorsement. As a Tennessee sports fan I was quite disappointed.Are there limitations on the use of Tennessee orange? Or maybe it was a different color of orange.

Can't find a link to the picture/headline as shown in the print version.

jackdlail's picture

Link to Tuesday KNS Page 1

Knoxville News Sentinel Page 1, Oct. 2, 2018.

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I really don't think you can

I really don't think you can trademark a color.

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Don't confuse the term

Don't confuse the term "trademark" with ownership of color though. Trademarking a color simply allows a company to use a particular combination and shade of color in its own industry.

After the University [of Texas] complained, the company felt that perhaps the use of the school's colors made it look like an "official" app, so they agreed to fix that part.

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