Knox County, TN, started out pretty good with managing coronavirus growth. Then summer arrived and everyone decided it was time to play and, for business and government, it was time to go back to work.

Two of the Knox County Health Dept. five benchmarks have turned red:
1) "Sustained reduction or stability in new cases for 14 days",
5) Sustained or decreased COVID-19 related death rate for identified positive or probable cases.

One of the five benchmarks has turned yellow,
4) Health care system capabilities remain within current and forecasted surge capacity.

The number one benchmark has been red for several weeks.

The coronavirus death rate in Knox County stayed at 5 for several months.
In the past two weeks the deaths have double. Five more people have died, four of those in the past week.

Note that young people get sick and die from the coronavirus. The largest number of cases in Knox County are in the 21-30 age group. Two of the deaths were in the 18-44 age group, two others were in the 45-64 age group. It is not just people 80 and older dying from coronavirus.

Come on people. Let's not become a hotspot.
Respect your fellow citizens.

Be careful out there.

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We've been barreling there.

Glenn Jacobs has dealt with this as a political problem and ignored its impact as the public health issue it actually is. It's Friday night. Lots of people out, lots of cops. I don't think people are being trained to know how this virus spreads. I saw lots of problems, a month from now.

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I just heard Trump's economic

I just heard Trump's economic advisor Larry Kudlow giving his view on the Corona virus. He says there is no problem with kids returning to school. He said all they have to do is social distance and take temperatures and all will be fine. Ignorant leaders including Kudlow, Trump, Glenn Jacobs, and Bill Lee share the blame for the suffering and deaths caused by the virus. People follow the lead of government leaders. Leaders should be setting a good example and following the advice of scientists and healthcare professionals. Knox County is now considered a hot spot thanks to Glenn Jacobs.
Leaders in European countries have dealt with the pandemic much better than Trump and his Republican governors and mayors.They have listened to healthcare professionals and have had a national response to covid 19. Thanks to Jacobs and other dumbasses things are going to get a lot worse before they get better in Knox County and around the country.

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Exactly! Idiots on parade.

Exactly! Idiots on parade.

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Three covid positive in Sheriff's department. KPD is just a matter of time. I see virtually no mask use among local police.

This translates into policing operating at less than 50% capacity shortly down the road. We are stretching ourselves too thin.

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Three of the Knox County

Three of the Knox County Benchmarks for Reopening Process are now red, one is yellow, one is green.

The 3rd red benchmark is for,
2) Community-wide sustained and increased diagnostic testing with consistent or decreased test result reporting turnaround time.

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