Aug 17 2006
06:54 am

Heralded by the front page headline 'Great news for schools', Knox County schools have achieved an NCLB rating of 'adequate'. The Knoxville News Sentinel reports:

Vine and four other Knox County schools improved test scores and other performance measures enough during the past two years to be removed from the high-priority list.


On balance, though, the improvements were enough to boost the school system as a whole into the category of adequately performing districts. Sixty-one of the system's 79 schools that fall under the federal program are making adequate progress.

According to the article, seven schools are still on the underperforming list, including two new ones, and eleven more are on notice.

The article explains one of the measures being taken:

Donna Wright, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, said the school system broke down testing data to determine what each student needed. That approach should help correct problems at the remaining underperforming schools, Wright said.

Read the article for more details and some interesting background on NCLB in Tennessee.

To summarize, it seems that if you set your standards low enough, 'adequate' is, well, adequate. Not quite 'great', but adequate. And if you actually teach individual children (as opposed to mass producing robotic test-takers) you might actually see improvements. Perhaps with such innovative thinking, Knox County Schools can rise above 'adequate' and achieve 'mostly OK' status.

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Mrs. Creek is a teacher. Her

Mrs. Creek is a teacher. Her assessment is that using standard tests and teaching to the tests mean that students know more about...tests.

Do our kids know more about History?


Or  History tests?

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Oak Ridge High is on the State's Target List

It's a very squirrelly calculation as to the progress to be made year in and year out.

The Tennesseean has a link to the high priority school systems, the high priority schools, and the State's Target List, which is the listing of schools which did not meet last year's expectations for improvement.

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Look Ma! Adequate!

"Every School an Adequate School" just doesn't seem to have a gubernatorial ring to it.

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Every School, A Campaign Tool !

That's about the take of it in Knox County.

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Campaign Tools

Hickory, I wouldn't limit that accusation to Knox County. I think there's plenty of "No Campaign Opportunities Left Behind" to be credited all the way up to the federal level.

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Ragsdale Holds School Money Hostage for PowerPlay

Ragsdale continues to spool up money which has been earmarked for educational purposes, figuring, he who has the gold gets to rule.

The millions stashed away in the Great Schools Partnership Fund (which is really nothing more than surplus federal tax dollars from Oak Ridge Contractors) and the money for the new West Knox County School, are more ploys for power, attention, and ego support than anything else.

I agree that the Knox County Public School System would probably work much better if we abolished the school board (which does nothing more than politicize every school issue), but Ragsdales hoarding of school cash isn't much better.

Funny thing is he think's he going to run for governor and after the way he's dogged the Knox County School System, he'll be lucky to get any votes from the teachers union statewide or from the parents of all those kids who sit in crowded West Knox schools.

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