“RP Rural Preservation Zone” would still allow some development, but would limit business to agricultural uses, natural conservation, recreation, feed lots and "agritourism" like educational farms or pumpkin patches.

Rural retreats, event venues, dog kennels and bed & breakfasts would be allowed under additional review.

The zoning would allow housing, but with a minimum lot size of 15 acres.

Knox County considers new 'Rural Preservation' zoning after business park controversy

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I wonder if the so-called Right to Farm

law passed by the state legislature will supercede this interesting effort. That law essentially allows anyone to claim to be farming and then have rock concerts. It might have been called the Maple Lane Farm Concert Protection Act.

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Right to Farm

The proposed revision to the zoning code establishing a rural preservation zone contains this note:

"Certain agricultural uses are permissible by Tennessee state law under the Right to
Farm Act and other regulations. These uses, if permissible and deemed in compliance with
State regulations, are exempt from MPC review."

So if it passes, all agricultural uses protected by the Right to Farm Act will remain protected within the new rural preservation zone.

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