Apr 17 2006
09:36 am

Following up on a question from a couple of days ago, Knox County Election Administrator Greg Mackay says that there is no notification on the ballot or at the polling places regarding the fact that there are twelve term-limited, ineligible candidates on the ballot for the May 2nd primaries.

Mr. Mackay said via e-mail, "Is it a fact? Brook Thompson says so. Judge Weaver points out that none of the twelve has been 'adjudicated'." In a follow-up e-mail, Mr. Mackay said that the only thing he knows for certain at this point is that there is an election May 2nd and there are seven early voting locations now open.

Regardless of how the situation got to this point, you have to feel for Greg Mackay. He has run a smooth operation at KCEC for a long time, and has always been forthright, proactive, and responsive. His world has been turned upside down, and it looks like it will be a while before it can be put right again. It appears they could use some better legal guidance, but I guess that will be a little more difficult since the Knox County Law Director has recused himself.

There is more discussion in the comments on this post (scroll down).

P.S. The "none of the twelve has been 'adjudicated'" statement by Knox County Chancellor John Weaver appears to be spreading. Are some candidates hanging their hat on the possibility that the fat lady hasn't yet sung? (Sorry about the mixed metaphors and cliches.) The Halls Shopper reports that Wanda Moody has reactivated her campaign (scroll down to "Gossip and Lies"), which she had previously suspended. Oh, while you're over there, check out Betty Bean's "signs" report.

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When do the adults come in?

I found the lost text of the Tennessee State Election Commission opinion on term limits in Knox County. It was on the last page and it got separated from the rest of the opinion.

It says that if an election is already underway in Knox County in the second phase of the moon on a Friday then the ineligible incumbents may go to the general election if they win their primary district race.

The only exception is if a do over was called for or if it is raining or deuces are wild.

This reminds me of the rules some guys would make up when we played poker in college. I hated those guys. It would take three minutes to play a hand and thirty minutes to argue over who won.

When do the adults come in and straighten this mess out? Thanks a lot Mike Moyers. Way to duck.

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