Jan 22 2014
07:37 am

WATE: Knox County school board discusses changes following troubling teacher survey: The school board discussed other possibilities to improve conditions for teachers. Those include implementing a five percent pay increase for all teachers and sharing the recent teacher feedback with the governor and state education commissioner.

WBIR: Superintendent offers 'action plan' following teacher survey, working group results: The speakers said changes to assessments and evaluations were their top concern. On assessments, Vine Middle Magnet employee Jessica McDonald recommended only testing what's necessary.

KNS: Changes temper teacher unease (subscription required): Knox County teachers voiced guarded optimism Tuesday night about a new set of recommendations from the superintendent’s office aimed at addressing the low morale and other concerns apparent in the results of a recent teacher survey.


Teacher survey results...
Teacher survey comments...
McIntyre's action plan memo...

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more deceit from the KNS

The claims from the Knoxville News Sentinel are just distortions. Teachers were offered crumbs last night. There is no optimism guarded or otherwise. I cannot believe Hayes Hickman wrote that story. What is the game here? Find a teacher that's part of the McIntyre posse and talk only to them? Is that how this scheme works? Now even Hayes Hickman takes this descent to the dark side? The morale at the Sentinel has to be as bad as the morale of the teachers. McIntyre is not worth this human carnage, censorship, and intimidation.

Lauren Hopson was on WNFZ 94.3 this morning and explained what really happened last night. It wasn't at all what was reported in the News Sentinel.

The teacher study group talked about getting rid of loads of assessments. McIntyre only addressed three. Two of which, haven't even been taken yet. Teachers asked for teacher choice of the second evaluation this semester with having an unannounced evaluation with a time window of two to three weeks as a back-up plan if principals did not feel they could do announced evaluations due to scheduling.

Teachers got little to nothing. And they are furious.

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You're right, pure PR job by

You're right, pure PR job by KCS. HHH was quick to distort the issues on his show this morning as in "the problem is with the process."

Far from it.

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Nothing but a smooth-talking, self-glorified pitch-man. I can't stand to listen to him and it's hard for me not to discount anything that comes out of his mouth out-of-hand, considering the source.

Like KNS, just another arm of the KCS PR machine.

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Lots of self-congratulation

Lots of self-congratulation going on last night.

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Yes, BB...

They did indeed seem to be quite pleased with themselves.

I suppose they had not yet read the 160 pages of COMMENTS which had been added to the "anonymous" teacher survey by KCS teachers. Either that or they simply wrote them off as "change is hard" - the latest KCS BOE catchphraase, you know.

I read every comment and what I took from it was that it was an overwhelming indictment of the incompetence and arrogance of the BOE and KCS leadership at the highest levels. I guess they saw it differently.

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Lost Confidence – Football vs. education

UT hired Derek Dooley and it didn’t work out. While you do have the occasional fan that wants to act like that period was the end of the world, nobody thought it really was.

Regardless, when Dooley had lost the confidence of the fans, it was over. Hart, Cheek and the UT administration knew they had to act and they did. No real handwringing, no real hesitation – just give those supporting the system a chance to have what they want and what they’re paying for.

What would have happened if Hart, Cheek and the administration had told the fans to piss off and given Dooley a five year extension?

The school board got all this backward.

They are letting the person they hired set the terms for what the community wants instead of listening to the actual community.

And that’s why the school board election is the alpha and omega for change. Don’t know who will be next Butch Jones for education, but know if we don’t want the Dooley of education, we’re going to have to first dump the people that extended his contract.

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that wasn't rain

"we’re going to have to first dump the people that extended his contract."

Fugate, Deathridge, and Trainor dumped themselves last night. Southern folk might say they peed on somebody's foot and told them it was raining.

It takes a lot of courage or a lot of stupidity to do what the BOE and McIntyre did last night. Didn't we have to buy out Lindsey before his contract expired?

I see the Sentinel took Hayes Hickman's story off the front page quickly. Hard to say whether it was the story or the two comments from Tamara that made that happen. The really strange part is how much better the two comments were than the story.

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Black Wednesday-The

Black Wednesday-The Sequel.

The knives will come one commenter stated on another post. But they will come out in the AJ Building when all the BOE members find how just how much doo they are actually in.

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Met Patti Bounds this

Met Patti Bounds this evening.
Very nice lady.

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