Brian Hornback: Evelyn Gill and Don Lawson on Administrative Leave from Knox Schools

Note: Evelyn Gill is also the 1st District County Commissioner.

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Please post

story for those of us who are banned from seeing that blog.

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Not much else there. Gill on

Not much else there. Gill on leave with pay pending investigation, Lawson on leave without pay. Knox Schools did not elaborate except to say the matters are unrelated.

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The local media will likely

The local media will likely have it soon...

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WBIR: (link...)

WBIR: (link...)

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South-Doyle Middle School

South-Doyle Middle School involved.

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services has an open investigation at South-Doyle Middle School, the same school where county commissioner Evelyn Gill has been placed on administrative leave, a department spokesman said.

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County Commissioner Evelyn

County Commissioner Evelyn Gill, a special education teacher who has been placed on leave from her day job, has a history of undermining colleagues, leaving her classroom to attend public events and mistreating a teacher's assistant to the point that the person resigned, according to school records.
The documents, which date back to August 2016, are part of a disciplinary file kept at South-Doyle Middle School. They were not included in Gill's personnel file in Knox County Schools' central office downtown, which the USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee had previously requested and received.

The school district released the school file last week in response to a public records request from the USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee after a reporter learned about the separate disciplinary files kept at schools.

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