Jan 12 2010
08:54 pm

It's all over KnoxBlab, too.




[Note from Mgt: original post updated for proper local effect. Any bets on type size of tomorrow's KNS headline?]

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What are they going to

What are they going to change Knox's name to?

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Ah, that's easy.

A name change only costs $25 at the court house. He might have three or four of those before he gets old enough to write.

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Ha, ha, ha! Heh, heh,

Ha, ha, ha! Heh, heh, heh!

You think they can get Fulmer back? Heh, I hear Bobby Bowden is available.

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The Rock

The Rock 1-12-10, See ya Lame! on Twitpic

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ESPN will NEVER get

ESPN will NEVER get Tennessee. One of their announcers was talking about how Tennessee fans would be heart-broken.

I'd say royally p***ed-off is a better description.

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For fun, past 24hr google

For fun, past 24hr google search: "Tennessee + riot"
so far 1,730 Results for riot tennessee.

This video is not for the sensitive, but "It's Time, Buddy"

more rage

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IMHO, the attiude difference

IMHO, the attiude difference between Calif and Tenn is soooo very different, I must say I am not surprised but disappointed; think Tenn needs to stay away from Calif managers and college presidents in future recruiting.

this, of course, is a big set back

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Good riddance.

Kiffin was a snot-nosed, immature little punk. If he knew anything about what UT football meant, he never showed it. If you ask me, a shiftless ignoble bastard like Lame is a perfect fit for USC.


PROGRESSIVE (n.): An "outside-the-box" thinker who refuses to think outside of their own box.

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Dickey,in '69 & Now Kiffin..peas in a pod..both up & left!

I reckon in 2025 we'll be hiring ole Lane as AD!!

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A less than complete snark

Little Lane Kiffin Takes Buds, Goes Home
Wayward child was "unmanageable," says adoptive UT parents

From APB reports. KNOXVILLE - In a move that surprised no one but his guardians, talented but unruly adopted child Lane Kiffin fled the loving but stern embrace of conservative East Tennessee for the wild and woolly, wide-open spaces of the West. Sources close to the family say it was only a matter of time before the rocky Rocky Top relationship fell apart.

"Lane was one of those kids, you know," said one family insider who wished to remain anonymous. "Father Mike really doted on him, called him his 'fair-haired boy,' and all that. But Lane wouldn't toe the line. He was always a wild child, always running off at the mouth and getting called on the carpet by officials at school - at a lot of schools, actually. He never understood that there was a certain decorum you were supposed to observe, that there was a certain Tennessee way of doing things. He had tried to warm this cold Tennessee Orange with all the power of his California sunshine, but this fruit's been on the vine a couple hundred years now. It wasn't going to ripen just for him, you know? And he chafed under these restrictions he didn't understand. So his splitting just seemed inevitable."

Lane was last seen in the back of a Westbound Caddy, hanging with his bestest buds, Monte and Ed. Rumors of a single parting statement, "Hasta la vista, bay-bee," remain unconfirmed...

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And we didn't

If you ask me,...

PROGRESSIVE (n.): An "outside-the-box" thinker who refuses to think outside of their own box.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Defend. Kiffin.

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I pulled up the Knox New web site, and right by the picture of Kiffin was a big orange ad...for Tusculum College.

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Ignore it if you don't like it.

Or prove it wrong, whatever. Anything's better than impotent internet whining.


PROGRESSIVE (n.): An "outside-the-box" thinker who refuses to think outside of their own box.

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Prove what wrong? If that's

Prove what wrong? If that's your opinion about Kiffin, you should be ecstatic now. All you did was whine and now you're being hypocritical while accusing most all of us here, in your cute tag, of being hypocrites.

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The ignore button is a wonderful thing. Try it.

I did.


PROGRESSIVE (n.): An "outside-the-box" thinker who refuses to think outside of their own box.

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It's a game...

Nothing but a stupid game.

How many people died in Haiti yesterday? How many people spent their last two years being unemployed yesterday? How many kids swallowed poisonous cadmium from cheap Chinese-made "WalMart" special jewelry yesterday?

When will people around these parts get a clue that in the grand scheme of things...UT football means less than dog-doo on the bottom of your shoe?


"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

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I accept your terms

The ignore button is a wonderful thing. Try it.

Why don't you just cover your eyes and ears while screaming? It would have the same effect. If I'm on your ignore list, I especially look forward to the ease with which I'll be refuting your Repugnicant lies.

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Lookame, Ma!

Classy stuff . Doin' us proud.

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I want one of these kids

I want one of these kids that is versed in photo shop or whatever to clip me a shot of that orange paint can spilled on the ground. It is the blood of my people and I would like to use it's image as my avatar.

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new coach & AD?

Cut head coach..Fulmer AD?

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I recall Monte Kiffin making

I recall Monte Kiffin making a statement quite recently to the effect that it wasn't about coaching with his son, but about being here in Tennessee. I recall that statement and am amazed. Apparently, Monte Kiffin has little or no integrity and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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another snark

Vols Frantically Search for New Mascot
Smokey's sudden departure leaves UT public relations in the lurch

From APB reports. KNOXVILLE - Shaken by Smokey IX's abrupt departure to start a hound dog stud farm in California, University of Tennessee icon officials were scrambling to keep nervous commitments focused and find a replacement for its absconded symbol. Previous mascot Pulpy, the Big Orange, who was cast off by UT like a bad cold, has already issued a statement declining interest in the job.

The statement read, in part, "While my blood does run deep orange, I'm happily ripening into old age, and have no interest whatsoever in returning as UT's mascot. If, however, a management position comes open where I'd take over for the person responsible for canning me, that would get my juices flowing."

Smokey IX, tragically, fell victim to his own hype. Believing he was god's gift to publicity hounds everywhere, he abruptly left for Hollywood on Wednesday to run a stud farm for hound dogs with himself, apparently, as sole stud.

Smokey's terse press conference announcing his departure, ran, in whole, "I'm Smokey, dammit! Idol o' millions! I don't need no stinkin' U of T! I'm mascot to th' stars! Awright, I'm done! Turn th' mike off! Hey! Why's this thing still on? Off, I said! Off, dammit, off! You! Sound guy! Yer fired!"

It was later learned that while Smokey was conducting his brief press conference, his sidekick Stinky was attempting to poach UT's crop of mascot recruits. The father of commitment Fuzzy Navel confirmed Stinky's actions...

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