Jan 27 2018
10:28 am

The folks at the Lexington Herald-Leader did some research. They found "a child shoots himself or another child in Kentucky once every seven weeks, on average."

Just recently, "Sixteen people were wounded, two of them fatally, after a shooter opened fire Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School [in Western Kentucky], authorities said. Four others sustained various injuries."

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin — whose well-documented anti-gun control stance has put him at odds with plenty of politicians — called gun violence a "cultural problem" on Friday...

Speaking during a community event in Benton, Bevin urged Kentuckians to "wake up" and recognize that school shootings are a consequence of a degrading public morality.

Or, it could be that adults don't take guns seriously and states don't emphasize the need for gun safety. Some people say guns don't kill people, people kill people. I really don't see how a 3 year old boy shooting and killing his 15 month old sister is people killing people. The boy had no idea that the gun was a deadly weapon.

Cultural problem? Oh, yeah. Here, hold my beer.


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