Dec 3 2012
11:25 am


The Knox County Health Department and the University of Tennessee Social Work Office of Research and Public Services today released the results of a survey on health and associated risk factors. The survey shows "striking correlations" between income and health and education and health, and that "income is a predictor of poor health."

Summary and full report...

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What's New?

This should come as no surprise to anyone. The surprise probably would be the cost to the taxpayers to conduct the survey.

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The numbers related to not

The numbers related to not being able to afford a doctor visit are more than sad and I would think lead to the high numbers of those reporting fair/poor health.

Do the respondents know what resources are available at no/low cost? How hard is it to have access to these resources?

According to the report, nearly 5% more adults 18-64 in Knox County don't have health insurance in 2011 (85.3% with health care coverage) as compared to 2002 (90% with health care coverage). In Tennessee, 78.3% of adults 18-64 have health care coverage in 2011, the same as in 2002.

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