Dec 26 2012
09:58 am

Five months ago KAT (Knoxville Area Transit) announced the elimination of the Cedar Bluff route. It was reported they lost access to a park and ride lot in the area.

It was mentioned that KAT staff recommended a trip be added to the Farragut Express route as an option for displaced Cedar Bluff passengers.

The town of Farragut has decided to no longer subsidize the Farragut Express route, saving them $40,000, and forcing KAT to eliminate the route.

"The town of Farragut made the decision to cover half of the cost for this year, but wanted to see an increase of 50 percent ridership by the end of December 2012, which did not occur, before they paid the other half," KAT Director of Marketing and Development Belinda Woodiel-Brill said.

Does this mean the economy is doing better than expected?

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That's a subsidy of about $6.50 a rider, which seems a little steep. And the rider they interviewed drove in from Lenoir City, making it even less of a reason for Farragut to subsidize it.

Too bad. I'm a mass transit fan, but it does tend to work best in America where you have densly populated areas. Mountain areas aren't much known for that.

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The thing that troubles me

The thing that troubles me about this story is the last paragraph - which indicates that we are actually going BACKWARDS when it comes to mass transit.

When I first started at TVA in the 1980s, TVA owned vans that were used for van pools. Each rider chipped in toward the cost. They were HUGELY popular. Unfortunately, TVA got rid of them in the 90s. Cost cutting, I suppose.

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Yep, backwards.

Yep, backwards.

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Cogent observation

As Ned McWherter used to say....even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

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