Apr 6 2010
02:00 pm
Bbeanster's picture

Betcha he and the Truth Squat

Betcha he and the Truth Squat are gonna be clinking pinky rings today.

R. Neal's picture

Books-a-Million. Heh. It'll

Books-a-Million. Heh.

It'll be the best seller giveaway on Newsmax real soon now.

Andy Axel's picture

Is that the ultimate

Is that the ultimate destination for Wingnut Welfare bulk buys these days? Outlet megamarts?

Another argument in Kindle's favor.

SnM's picture

and Palin arrives later this month

Knoxville's becoming a regular neocon stopping point. well, I guess Palin wouldn't call herself neocon. I'm not sure if she knows what she'd call herself. But she's probably got it in the palm of her hand.

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