Dec 4 2007
09:25 am

Someone told Bush that the United States can't afford another war right now because of the looming economic crisis triggered by unregulated predatory lending ripoffs free market forces at work in the changing global economy, so now Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons program after all.

Iran is expected to obtain nuclear weapons once Democrats take over the White House and Congress, at which time Democratic socialist big-government policies will also wreck the economy.

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Dang! I guess great minds

Dang! I guess great minds and all that. I wrote about a similar thing at WhitesCreek this morning.

I was torn between that and the true cost of the Bush Presidency, which I put at somewhere North of 40% of the entire net worth of the United States of America. I'm having trouble figuring that out, so...

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When was the last time that

When was the last time that this administration heeded the advice in the NIE?


With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.

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Gee, I'm shocked. The President is usually so right on

Nothing will deter Bush from creating the illusion of emminent danger. He needs it the way a junkie needs a needle.

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Bolton already dissing the Intelligence agencies

The white mustache was busy this evening, trying to spin the nation back into a fear mode. The way he seems to see it is if the NIE agrees with Bush they are a group of highly competent genius' who we should listen to carefully. If they disagree with Bush, they are a bunch of incompetent Bozos, we should just ignore.

A lot more focus needs to be put on the possibility that Bush knew this even when he was ratcheting up the possibilty of a military strike. I can't imagine the NIE would want to be the one holding the bag again after the Iraq debacle, so they might not be all that the eager to shield the President. Let's pray for a whistleblower. Let's pray for a leak.

I wish the election were tomorrow.

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No, I guess just hoping...

I am such a Pollyana. I haven't given up believing in the restoration of our Democracy and a return to sanity yet.

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A lot more focus needs to be

A lot more focus needs to be put on the possibility that Bush knew this even when he was ratcheting up the possibility of a military strike.

I believe this is not just a possibility but rather a fairly well established fact at this point.

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The only difference between

The only difference between a Dembo's and a Repug's is the way they hold their mouths when they are lying to us. Both Party Presidents are purchased an d ruled by the same old names with the same old world's paper money. Thoise few People who play chess with Countries and lives like they are nothing but Hills and Slaves.

When a good and honest person gets into Office or they are affraid they will get in, the fix goes in and their person will play the second in command until the outsider is killed or gone from Office. Remember Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. matter and the World's Big Money People. A good book to read is "The Shadows Of Power" by James Perloff and then check things out for yourselves against what has and is taking place in our make believe government.

One thing for sure, I (we) haven't had Black Gun Ships following us or landing in my bottom or flying around and around my house on the side of the hill here with their exhaust open and those bright lights lighting up the place. They even did such when I and another neighbor were at another neighbors hosue. I guess it may have been because we wrote and said some bad truthful things about Al Gore and Bill Clinton, who knows why.

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Did you just say you have a problem with black gunships landing in your bottom?

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Black Choppers (gun Ships0

Yeppers, that was while Clinton was in Office, I guess it started in 1995. What is amazing, after I wrote former President Bush shortly before the Bush, Clinton and Ross P. election and told him Clinton couldn't get in without Al Gore. Therefore Gore being so sold on the environment, ask him why his state still has Septic Tanks and over-flows still running into Creeks. President Bush wrote back and said he wished he had known that before, but it was to late for him to use that at that time. In other words I believe he already knew he was going to lose the election.

Shortly after that a New Car with FIVE (5) men in suits pulled-up down by my barn at the place I sold later. THREE (3) of them took off their jackets and took samples of the Creek water where much of the time I had cattle watering in the Creek. Right after that and after the election, a number of things happened. One was just after dark a tree top high large plane would fly over my trailer without any lights and about blast us out of the house and scare my cattle. This happened over and over at my home and twice at my friend Earl Poss's home. I called the air port in Nashville and other places, no one could do anything about it happening or explain why.

One day sometime after the election my late wife and I was coming back from the Bank in Liberty TN. when I thought my car was making a noise I had never heard before in a car. When I came to the Gassaway turn off I then heard it was coming from outside my car. I looked and seen a Gun Ship Chopper hanging just to the North of us and almost above us. I went on into Gassaway and and stopped at the Gassaway Market where a couple of old timers were setting out front on a bench. I opened my car door and got out looking up at the Chopper. I then waved at it and it weaved back and forth as to be waving back at me, then it took off.

One night I and Tom Milligan were at Bob Campbell's home about a mile and a half down the road. We were setting inside whne we heard a Chopper about to blow us out of his Log Home. We seen it was like day-light outside also, so we went outside to see just what that chopper over head and close to his roof top was doing. After about a minute of us holding our ears and not being able to look-up at that bright light, the chopper shut off his light and headed up Wilmouth Creek towards my place where my son and late wife were at that time. Myself I left and went to check on my old farm I had sold to my daughter and she hadn't moved in there yet, but had some of her things there.

I then turned around and headed home. When I got to where I had to go down in the creek where we have to cross, I noticed some small lights in my bottom pasture where I had some cows. When I crossed and came-up out of the creek on the other side, my headlights hit on TWO (2) Gun Ship Choopers setting in my bottom. About that time they lifed up and took off missing the power lines in my bottom.

When I got up the hill to my trailer, my late wife and son met me pulling up and asked me if I seen those choppers. They said one had set over our trailer with a bright light shinning down on out trailer and it was so loud and close to the top of our trailer, it seemed like it was trying to land on the roof. Then after a couple of minutes it took off and landed in our bottom. They did not see the other Chopper when it landed, but seen them both when they took off as I did.

Again I called everyone I could think of including the Air Narional Guards. No one knew anything or seen anything. I was later told that they had to of came out of Fort Campbell, TN.

Bob and Tom said after I had left and gone for a few minutes, that Chopper came back shinning his light on Bob's house again for a few seconds and then took off up the Creek heading towards my place. That must have been when I was at my daughter's checking things out. There was a few more times of our seeing those kind of Choppers flying fast and very low over my Lands and Home, but never again was the same things taking place with me as before.

Of course we have had Dover (HP Chopper) flying around and around looking for Pot, and once a chopper fly up low and they set and looked in my trailer windows for a minute and then took off. The next day I seen that same Chopper setting at our Sheriff's Office. So I called and asked them what they were doing looking in my windows from that chopper. The Officer told me he was in that chopper which belonged to a man in Shelbeville, who comes to Woodbury from time to time and gives them rides. He told me the air-ways were free and they could fly as close as they wanted as long as they didn't touch the ground any place on my Lands. I told him my eye sight was getting bad and so was my hearing, I hope I don't up and shoot at them the next time while thinking it isa very large and noisy bird. The Officer run his mouth and I ran mine right back, I told him if he messed with me, I would not only talk to the Sheriff who I knew well, but I would turn the man with the Chopper in to the FFA.

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Hmm..Why would Future Farmers of America fly around your house?

So Clinton and Al Gore were having black helicopters fly around you...Interesting.

Actually, I've had the same things happen to me. The guys taking water samples turned out to be from the Water Pollution Control Board and have since become good friends. I suspect they were more concerned with your cows crapping in the creek than your political views.

The helicopters are usually from the Army Air Guard. Nothing sinister beyond overgrown boys playing with big noisy toys. They are supposed to stay 500 feet way from any building by FAA regs. The FAA takes it seriously and a phone call with an ID number generally gets fairly significant results.

I have nice pictures of the choppers and their occupants that I've emailed to certain offices, and I don't seem to have the problem I once did. It could be because of a phone conversation I had with a Colonel, or it could be because a significant portion of the Guard's equipment has been sent overseas.

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I DID NOT say Clinton and

I DID NOT say Clinton and Gore did anything or was behind anything. I said it happen when they were in Office. I said I DID MAKE CALLS and no one knew anything about anything. One must remember because TWO people walk across the same yard and one steps into dog stuff and the other one didn't, does not mean there wasn't any dog stuff in the yard except maybe other than in the mind of the one who didn't step in it. It;s amazing how boys with TOYS picked us out of 300 million people to play games with, I dodn't think so, but again I have no proof one way or the other.

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Hummm, how does one know

Hummm, how does one know they will be future farmers-??? That wouldn't be a very wise choice, the way farmers are going down hill. Maybe they all would be far better off if they claimed Mental Stress and get $4,500.00 a month and need more like the Vet in Ca. He can't make it because he has $40,000. in Credit Card Bills, a car Payment, and his House Payment went-up to $5,800.00 a month. The last I knew my oldest brother was receiving $11.00 a month for leg damage from being blown out of a Tank during WW II.

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