From the Diane Black for governor campaign...

Our president is under attack.

The media, the Left, and even so-called “conservatives” attack President Trump relentlessly.

For a while, I thought it came down to a difference in personality. President Trump is like no other president in my lifetime, and maybe the media just needed to catch up to his way of doing things.

But it's become clear — they're out to get him at any cost. They're attacking me for supporting President Trump's agenda, even though our economy is growing and wages are finally going up for the middle class.

I know one thing for sure — they don't want any of this good news happening while President Trump is in office.

I've been standing with President Trump from the beginning, and I'm dedicated to helping him make America great again — starting with making Tennessee even better as your governor.

Nothing about issues in Tennessee, such as education, better jobs, health care, gun violence, corruption, or anything like that. Sounds like her entire agenda is worshiping Trump.

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Wow! That is just plain

Wow! That is just plain scary.

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